Mom Life …. Struggles, Milestones and Unconditional Love

Having a baby can change a person over night. There is the excitement of finding out that you are pregnant. The anticipation of meeting your little bundle of joy. The anxiety of “Am I doing this right?”. The unconditional love you have when you first lay eyes on your son or daughter.

Like children, life with children don’t come with an instruction book. Yes, you can read books about what to do but none of them can prepare you for this life. I have been around many different children but it is very different when the child is your own.

I think the biggest struggle  challenge I personally endure (even on a daily basis) is balancing life and understanding that things will get done when they get done. If there are times that Baby P needs more cuddles, more attention or just reassuring that Mama is here; the dishes can wait, laundry will still be there and not vacuuming for a day won’t kill me.

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We have to remember that as a mom our purpose is to love and reassure our children that we are here for them no matter what. We have to teach them the value of patients. We teach them empathy by modeling it towards them. We teach them the value of supporting someone. Children learn what we teach them, both consciously and unconsciously. If we keep telling them, “mommy is busy” they will learn that the laundry is more important.

Take the time to enjoy every moment when they are little because before you know it, there will be broken hearts to fix, disagreements to be had, and friends will come first.

What is/was your biggest challenge as a mother?

Potty Training…When is it time?

There are so many different opinions when it comes to raising children. Everyone (and their brother) feels the need to tell you how and when you should do things when it comes to raising your child. I will admit, I have judged and mentally asked myself…”Why are you doing it this way?” but I try to keep my thoughts to myself because I know that I don’t like unwanted advice when it comes to my daughter. 

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So now that she is a “big girl” now – it’s time to think about the transition to potty training. (If it goes as easy as getting rid of the bottle…life will be a piece of cake!) If you would ask “When is it time to start?”, you will get an array of different answers. Some that you may have heard or have said are ~
-When he/she is 2.
-When she/he shows an interest.
-When you want, you are the adult and he/she is the child.
-When he/she starts taking off the diaper.

Those are just some, I am sure that you are able to think of about 500 more different ones you have heard! LOL

As a first time parent but a person who has been working with children for the last 14 or so years, I’ve seen many different ways to potty train but I have taken my own approach. We started when she was about 18 months (or so) by just sitting Baby P on the potty for about 20 secs (we would count out loud which also was teaching her one to one corresponding) on bath nights. Nothing progressed through there. This was telling me she was not ready. I didn’t push the issue because I have found when you push the child for potty training, they will more then likely regress later on and the accidents start happening and they happen more frequently.

Then we had a breakthrough! August 10, 2015 Baby P said “mommy potty” so I took her into sit on her Minnie Mouse potty and she wanted to read books. After reading…and reading…and more reading and sitting on the potty for a good 10 mins, she said “mommy I did it!!!” and was so excited. We made a HUGE deal about it. She was so proud! After that day, she tells me when she wants to go and sit and since then we have went pee quite a few times on her potty and she has gone #2 twice, which is always the hardest for children to do!

It’s all self initiated. Some may say I am giving her to much control of the situation. My thoughts are if she figures out when it’s time to go potty all by herself, then I am doing my job and teaching her. I believe that we put to much pressure on our children to grow up to fast. Just let them be little! We have not done any rewards except the first time she went. It’s all about the positive reinforcement, and the excitement that is shown BUT if you are ready for your child to be potty trained and you want to control the situation…I’ve got a TON of suggestions, and ideas that I’ve seen work.

100 Days Left

Did you know that there are 100 days from September 23, 2015 until January 1, 2016!! YEP…You read that right…only 100 days! And now that you’re reading this, there are less than 100 days left! {Mind Blown…Am I right?!}

What do you want to accomplish in the last 100 days of 2015? Have you already achieved a goal and want to build on it? Is it time to restart the goal you made at the beginning of 2015?100daydedication

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Helicopter Parenting: When is it to far?

We have all heard of the term “Helicopter Parenting”. But for those who are curious about the term…A helicopter parent is one who hovers (like a helicopter) over their child/children. The parent consistently shadows the child/children. This parenting type is one that does not give the child the ability to learn from making mistakes that are made in life. The helicopter parent does not teach their child who to cope with life; the parent controls the child’s/children’s life.

As a child care provider, I run into all kinds of parenting styles and parents. I have had parents who do not even want to meet me before bringing their child to me. I have had parents who value my position and respect my home. I’ve had the parents who say that they have to work from open to close and yet they haven’t been there all day while their child is at childcare. And then there are the infamous helicopter parents…I’ve had children who are old enough to attempt putting their shoes on and yet because the parent has not given them the chance to try the child looks at me like I am speaking a foreign language when I tell them it’s time to get their shoes on.

Being a parent means finding the balance between nurturing you child and being the parent does everything for your child. IF you send your child to a child care program; please taek the time to let you child grow, fail, learn, and experience life. Your provider or center will thank you!

Coming to a Close {Part 2}

And now we move into the crazy busy summer activities. If you have missed out on {PART ONE} check it out!

We spent the weekend of July 4th at a local drag strip (as we do every year). NHRA brings their National event here and we are experience the sights and sounds of the Funny Cars, Top Fuel Dragsters, ProStock, and Motorcycles, who race professionally. It is such a great experience!

After spending the weekend there, we were Kentucky bound Monday morning! We were able to spend the week with my aunt and uncle. While we were in KY, we attended the NASCAR race in Sparta, Kentucky! We took Baby P to the Louisville Zoo, went to a man made cave, and took many trips to the Waffle House. All of which Baby P LOVED! I love heading to Kentucky and every time we leave it gets harder and harder. Life is so different down there. It’s more relaxed and laid back. People are friendlier.

After we had a great time in KY, we had to eventually come home {tears!} and had a garage sale and then it was time to pack up the car again! Hubby and I went to the NASCAR race at Indianapolis Speedway. HOLY COW! That place is HUGE! Like so big, it needs it’s own zip code!!! {LOL} Other then the heat, it was a great weekend but also very short.

We had a few more small events to attend and for our last big family activity we took Baby P camping. She absolutely loved every minute of it. She is such an outside person so being able to be outside all day long for the whole weekend put her in heaven. We played at the park, went for MANY walks, made pie iron pizzas and overall just spend the weekend as a family.

So as this summer ends and outage season begins, I am counting down days that outage season is over and we have another fun family summer!

What was your favorite memory this summer?

Coming To A Close

WOW! Where did this summer go? It feels like only yesterday we were looking forward to the summer layoff and all the fun weekends we had in store. Now we are gearing up for the first outage of the season and all our fun activities have come and gone.

Our summer was so busy! I think we may have only had one or two weekends where we did absolutely nothing! We started off the summer with my birthday weekend. Nothing huge planned but we did have family over for dinner.

The next weekend was my sister’s bachelorette party. We spent the whole day at Kelly’s Island with a drink in our hand and not a care in the world. (I can not believe my sister is getting married!!!!)

Then we celebrated Baby P’s 2nd Birthday! I am still in shock she is already 2! My baby is becoming such a big girl!! We had a Minnie (Mimme) Mouse inspired celebration. She loves Minnie and Mickey. She can already count to around 15. She knows her shapes (OBSESSED with ovals). She can say her ABC’s, colors are touch and go, and although she is two and we have our diva moments, she is such a good listener. She shows empathy and also is so loving. She is her daddy’s girl. She loves to play race cars and trains. She loves pushing her baby doll in the stroller. Her favorite foods are pizza, raw broccoli and chicken but she will pretty much eat anything that she is given.

The following weekend, Hubby and I spent the weekend at Kalahari Resorts. Hubby and I won a package on Valentines day at a fundraiser we attended. We took friends of ours and had a great time. Baby P spent the weekend at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house so Hubby and I went to Cedar Point the next day. Living very close to the roller coaster capital of the world has it’s perks!

Finally after those few busy and fun filled weekends, we had a free weekend. We did nothing but clean and pack because it was getting close to us leaving for vacation.

……Part 2 coming soon! Make sure you have subscribed so you don’t miss out!

Monday Motivation

There really isn’t to much going on right now. I am still feeling the effects of metformin so hopefully soon I will feel good!

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