One month in…almost

I am officially (almost) a full month into my Weight Watchers journey! Has it been easy? Absolutely not! Do I still want to eat tons of crap not so healthy things? Absolutely!! I have been staying in my points range pretty much everyday, which is a huge step for me in general. I have to say that seeing the results so far have given me the motivation that I have needed some days.

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So today I got up and was determined to face the scale…gain or not! I was going to do it. I did it and I am officially -6 lbs in almost a month!!! If I continue this, I will meet my goal weight by November. That would mean it would take me less then one year to do what I have been trying to do forever. That right there is motivation in itself. I know that some days will be harder then others, but I need to do this for me. I need to do this for my daughter to be the role model I want to be for her. I need to do this to feel better about myself. I need this!

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Not Such a Weigh In Wednesday

I missed last week on the blog because, well life happened.

But this week, I am back. Last week the scale did not move. So I am still at 2.5 down for the weight watchers chapter in my life so far. I did not weigh in today because frankly, I was not feeling it. I had indulged A LOT this past weekend and also yesterday, I felt like I could eat all day long.  My water intake this past week has not been the best either so I know I was holding onto water weight, which lets face’s not the best to hold onto! But I am not letting this past week define me or my motivation.

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It’s not about being perfect, its about progress. Progress doesn’t have to won’t happen over night! Progress is about (for me) taking it one meal at a time. So that’s my plan for this week.


Did you overindulge this past weekend?

Weigh In Wednesday

Today was my first Weigh In Wednesday since starting Weight Watchers. I was nervous (who doesn’t when it’s time to get on the dreaded scale) and yet excited for today because I could tell that I had lost some! I am officially down….


I am pretty excited and gives me the motivation to keep going. I know that there will be ups and downs on this journey but I am ready!

One Month down…11 More to Go! #motivation #weightwatchers

Welcome back! I am officially back to blogging. Life have been crazy..but that’s life! :)

On Jan 28, I joined Weight Watchers. I feel like I am ready to make these changes. I was doing so well and then I fell jumped off the healthy bandwagon and began eating whatever was quick and fast. I am not making excuses at all. I am owing the whole situation. It was easier to just eat crap then it was to actually make something that was a better choice.

Found Via Pinterest

Found Via Pinterest

My main way to keep this goal in check is FOOD PREP! Every Sunday, that will be my one and only goal for the day. I have purchased containers to keep everything organized in the fridge. So I am actually excited to start this new chapter.

Ready…Set…Let’s Do This! 

A look into my life

Today there was a photo challenge going around Instagram with the hashtag #onedayhh so I thought what the heck, Ill join in. So why not bring it into my blog too. So here my friends is a look into my life…one picture at a time!

I started this challenge later in the morning — around 10am when I first checked IG.


Just the babies this morning…you would think it would be a great cuddly morning! Haha…WRONG! Baby P has been up since 6am. Baby M has already had a blowout…bath was needed! And now I’m trying to entertain Baby P to keep her awake so she doesn’t want a late nap this evening!!! #onedayhh #homedaycare #thisismylife


Baby P is so tired she actually laid still for a diaper change! #onedayhh #pinkwednesday #thisismylife


Babies didn’t make it to much longer so now its time to get some work done before little man comes! #onedayhh #thisismylife #homedaycare

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What would your day look like?

Welcome Back!


I am officially off blogging hiatus.  We are into the second outage of outage season and I am able to get back into the groove of blogging. So I hope to get a few topics together this week and get back into the groove by posting a few times a week.

Are there any topics that you would like to see?

Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator Review

I was privileged to be able to test and review  Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator as part of the Fuel You Better Campaign that was put on by Vega and also FitApproach. I am also hesitate but excited to try new things.



I have to say that I was very happy with how the Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator tasted. I have never tried the Vega brand before but I have to jump on this band wagon and say that I am a fan now and would love to try other Vega products. I am always struggling with getting enough water; even though that is the only thing I drink during the day – so I thought this would  be the perfect product to test on myself. I would hope that it would give me the ability to drink more water during the day and help stay hydrated. I was given the Berry flavor to test and it was very berry. The flavoring wasn’t over powering either which was one concern I had.

I love the fact that the packets are small enough that I could keep a few on my purse (aka Baby P’s bag) so even on the go I could have the option to make the best choices in hydration. Also, because the Vega products are plant based, the hydrator is also dairy, soy and gluten free. I also love the fact that the products contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners! BONUS!!  I really try to limit the artificial-ness (yes, I just made that word up!) I have during the day.


Now, lets talk about the facts…The Supplement Facts!


How do you stay hydrated during the day? 

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Disclaimer: I am a SweatPink Ambassador and was given the opportunity to review this product for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any one including the company that the product came from.