Rejuvenate your floors

Are your floors dull? Do they lack the shine they once had? 

If you answered “YES!” to either one of those questions, I may have a solution for you!

I, like many others, had floors that looked amazing right after being mopped. The shine from the water made them look like new. I love that look! But after the water dried, the shine left.


I googled all natural ways to get laminate flooring a shine and nothing worked like I wanted it too. I went to different stores and searched for products that would work on laminate flooring; everything I found was for wood flooring.

Jackpot! While watching a commercial one evening, I seen a product called Rejuvenate. So that night I made a mental note to remember that product when I went to the store next.


Mental note — Forgot!

Finally just the other day, I was browsing aisles in a store and what did I come across? Rejuvenate! Ahhh! Yes! This is what I need to try. So I picked up a bottle. I used it and it has made a difference on my kitchen floor! I can’t wait to use it on the foyer floor also!

The picture below is one that I attempted to get a picture to show you the difference. I hope you are able to see it.


How do you use the product? 

Make sure your floors are clean and fully dried before using the Rejuvenate product. (I just used water only to wipe up the floor because I just mopped it 2 days prior) After the floor is completely dry, apply the product directly to the floor. Rejuvenate suggests doing it in a 4×4 square area. To apply the product to the floor, use a microfiber cloth and in a circular motion spread the product over the flooring. Let dry for 45 mins and check out the shine on your floor!

Where can you purchase the product?

You can visit the website:

You can also purchase at most local retailers!

Disclaimer: Products were purchased on my own and all opinions expressed are my own. This company has not influenced any opinion  expressed in this review. 


Yes, I’m ONE of them!

It’s almost that time of year again.

That time of year where the crazy, get up at 2am to stand in line until the store opens at 6am kind of people come out of the wood work. The time of year where stores now open on Thanksgiving Day instead of only on Black Friday. The time of year where people have been camped out at a store for weeks just to score that amazing deal!

Yes, I am one of those people!

Do I camp out for weeks? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Am I super excited about going out and shopping before people are getting up and scoring an amazing deal? ABSOLUTELY!

We are just over a week away and I have already started to plan the shopping festivities. I have went through the leaked ads, as they come on a website. Made a list of what items, what times, and what places that will be needed to make that day run smooth.


What do you need to be productive on Black Friday?

You must plan! You must go through all the ads. Figure out what items you really want and write them down. Next to the item, write down the store in which you have found it (yes it can have multiple stores), the price and what time the store opens.
After your list is made, then it is time to organize the list. Organizing the list takes the most time. (Make sure if you have the same item from different stores – it is the exact same item!!)  This is where you will go through the times, the items and the stores to see if you can combine the same items from the same stores.

Your list may look something like this:
sheets – kohls (6pm Thurs), jcpenny (6pm Thurs), meijer (6am) – 59.99
silverware – jcpenny (6pm Thurs), macys (6pm Thurs) – 49.99
kid toy – meijer (6am), kmart (online all day thurs), walmart (5pm Thurs) – 25.99
Organizing list:
Kid Toy – Order online ASAP Thursday Morning!
Silverware/Sheets – JCP (6pm Thursday) – Check online in AM – Get to the store by 4pm!

So tell me, Are you ONE of them? Do you avoid Black Friday all together? 


My HSG Experience

Last Thursday evening I went for my first HSG test after officially being diagnosed with PCOS last year. I know that this can be a scary, and nervous time for anyone so I would like to share my experience; in hopes that I can calm your nervous before you have the procedure done.

HSG Test

After scheduling the test, I did what every other one of you reading this post did…I went to the all mighty Mr. Google. I wanted to find out about the test. I wanted to know the pain associated with the test. I wanted to be prepared! BAD MOVE! Step Away from Mr. G…Walk Away…FAST! (but finish reading this post! HA!)

I read many different experiences from people who not only had one test done, but multiples. I totally had myself in a panic.I was worried about the pain associated with it because let’s be real – My pain tolerance is not the highest. As the day went on the more nervous I became. I tried to keep myself busy during the day but my mind kept wondering back to “is this something I should be doing?”

Welp, the time came and I checked into the facility. Waited about 30 mins before getting called back. {Hello Nerves..We Meet Again!} Finally, my name was called and the time has come. There was no looking back now.

They gave me one of those o’so fashionable hospital gowns and taken back into the x-ray room. The doctor explained how the procedure would go. She then asked if I had any other questions. And it’s go time….Time for the test to begin!

Deep Breaths – Relax – Breathe 

The test began like any normal pap test. The catheter like tool was then inserted in order to put the dye in. A little pressure at this point but nothing more. Dye began and I watched on the screen as it entered my left tube. SCORE! It’s open! Doctor then wanted me to roll onto my right side. – nothing yet. Let’s roll a little more… Yep. still nothing. The doctor decided that the right side was blocked and the test was done.

I am able to sit up now and the doctor then went over the results with me. She said that my official doctor would get the results and proceed with the next step. She gave me some ideas of what the next steps could be but because she isn’t my official doctor, she could not actually tell me for sure which route we would take.

On a scale of 1-10 — I can’t even rank the pain. It was just like a normal pap with the uncomfortable feelings with a little pressure. I know that everyone’s pain tolerance is different but this is my experience and I hope that I am able to put at least one person’s mind at ease before experiencing the test.

So tell me.. 
Have you had the HSG test done?  Share your experience! 

It’s Me…Not You

As you know, if you have been following along, I started the Whole 30 challenge last week. I had such high expectations for this round of it. I wanted to succeed and finish strong. I didn’t want to fail. Sadly, the headaches and cravings won (AGAIN!).

I don’t look at this as a failure. I look at it as a learning experience. I have learned that being that strict with restrictions is not something that my body is okay with. I have learned that moderation is something that I will be able to do. I am still eating clean and I have noticed that I haven’t had many cravings since then. I think when I tell myself that I can’t have it at all, my body goes into panic mode. When I tell myself that moderation is okay, the cravings go away. I know! It’s a mental game that my mind is playing but if that makes me be able to subside the cravings and give myself the best chance at succeeding..why wouldn’t I do that?

whole30breakupIf you are reading this and try to finish the Whole 30 challenge, and you have not been able to do it. I want you to walk away from this post knowing that it is not a failure. Take it as a learning experience. Understand that not every thing will work the same for everyone. Everyone is different and you may need to play the mind game (as I am!) with my body. I hope that if you are struggling, you have to do what’s best for you’re body and yourself.

I give those who are able to succeed on the Whole 30 a standing ovation! (no seriously! I am so proud of you!!) I would love to have a magic solution that would have helped me but that’s not the case. This is my body and I know what it needs and what it can handle.

So… I know breakups shouldn’t happen in a letter but there is no better way then this right now.

Dear Whole 30,
It’s me! Not YOU! We just aren’t compatible. I know you will find others that you will be more compatible with. Good Luck in each relationship you have from here on out!

So tell me, what have you struggled with and it ended up being a learning experience? 

Holiday Sweat Challenge

I recently joined FitApproach and the #SweatPink Community and signed up for the Holiday Sweat Challenge. 

Details about the challenge –

 Dates: November 8, 2015 – January 2, 2016
During these 8 weeks, you will be emailed weekly prompts (fitness, clean eating related, etc..)
During the 8 weeks, you will log your active minutes daily. Active minutes are any amount that YOU feel are active for you. Don’t run? NO problem..Walk for 10 mins at a steady/brisk pace and log those! #allminutescount

During this time, FitApproach will keep an active running tally of the active minutes.
There are some awesome swag (aka prizes) to be had during this challenge also.
So if you are wanting a challenge to ring in the new year, new you with.. SIGN UP TODAY!

Want to follow along?
Check out #holidaysweat, #sweatpink
FitApproach on Instagram  and also Twitter

Whole 30 – Week 1

Today I start the Whole 30 challenge (with @gettinghealthy09 on IG). Today I take steps into my new healthy lifestyle. Today I meal prep for the week and if you are following me on IG you will see all the pictures of the delicious food I will make for my first week. I also made a menu template so that I have no excuses.


I am hopeful this time but I am also nervous. I know that when I start to deprive myself of foods that I normally would eat, then I crave them. I am also nervous because sugar is my weakness. I mean you name it…cakes, doughnuts, candy, chocolate, ice cream. I have THE BIGGEST sweet tooth ever! AHH!

So make sure you are following along on my journey through the next 30 days. I will apologize now for things that are said during the sugar withdraw! LOL — I will not sugar coat (pun intended) any post through this journey. I will be honest with every thought, every struggle, every accomplishment. So wish me luck and here goes nothing!

Dear Sleep Regression… You Suck!

There is not an actual Websters Dictionary definition of the term “Sleep Regression” but ask any parent who has had a child and they can tell you it is a real thing!

Most people believe that when their child, who previously was sleeping through the night, is now waking up for no apparent reason; sometimes a few times a night.

Found Via Pinterest

We are currently experiencing this with Baby P. And let me tell you I am not a fan! She has always been an awesome sleeper and I feel like I am living the newborn dreams again. I know last week she was sick so that contributed to some of the restlessness but we are getting better. No coughing throughout the night what so ever, we are still getting up about 3 or 4 times a night. It isn’t for long and I am a fan of the crying it out (for a short amount of time) but when she is still coughing during the day, I do not want her to get upset enough to cause a coughing spell so I go and tuck her back in.

I know that “this too shall pass” .. I am hoping that it is sooner then later! I won’t lie..I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleep! And I miss it. I miss the bond we had with my bed. I miss feeling refreshed in the AM. I feel like a mombie again and let’s face it, that’s not a great feeling.

As I close this post, because Baby P has been in bed for 2 hours already, let me just say…

Dear Sleep Regression,
You Suck!
Baby P’s Mommy

Did your toddler every go through a sleep regression?