I started this new blog because over the past almost 3 months, my life has changed. I went from being a wife to now a wife and mother.  I wanted a place to keep all my thoughts in one place instead of having 5 billion different blogs for different topics. I figured since my life has changed why shouldn’t my blog too. This blog will cover every aspect of my life of being a wife and a mother while on this journey of losing weight and gaining a healthier lifestyle.

I thought I would start with my goals for next week. I love the old pen and paper tracking method and I feel as though it helps to hold me more accountable for my lifestyle.

Goals for Sept 1 – Sept 7: 
*Start “Healthiest Loser Challenge” (which is a challenge that is set up my local lions club) If you were following my journey before I became pregnant you know I started that last year. Unfortunately, at the very end I had to quit because I was starting to gain weight from the pregnancy. While it wasn’t a lot of weight, I know the point of the challenge was to lose weight and all the pregnancy symptoms were starting in full force. I am really excited to be able to be apart of the challenge again this year.
*Cardio 4 times this week
*10,000 steps a day
*Walk 2 miles 3 times this week

While these goals seem as though they may be on the “lighter” side, (and it is alittle frusterating to me because of where I was before I got pregnant) I know that I have to continue to listen to my body and start slow because after delivering my daughter via c-section my body still needs time to heal properly. I have to remind myself that I had major surgery and I won’t be at were I was right now and that is OKAY! I have a beautiful and healthy little princess that came from it all.


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