Fit for Fall Challenge

The Go Fit Gals have launched a new challenge for fall called the Fit for Fall Challenge. It starts today! (If you haven’t checked them out you are missing out!!!)

On September 25, 2012 the Go Fit Gals launched their website and program. I was selected as one of the few to be able to try the plan before anyone else. Because of the timing, I did not complete the program (I got pregnant) and even though the recipes were adequate enough for nutrients, I was not feeling all that great in the beginning of my pregnancy to continue, blog, or do much of anything.  But now with the new challenge that they have started I will be back to the 6 week shape up program and fall challenge.

My 6 Week Shape Up Program Binder

My 6 Week Shape Up Program Binder

On Saturday evening I planned out my meals for the week and grocery list. Sunday is always grocery and food prep day! Sunday was a huge food prep day. You know your doing food prep for a week when you have to run your dishwasher twice!! BUT…it’s a good thing!!

Sunday was the first official kick off for the challenge. Monday was a day of “clean eating and training dirty” Because of the terms I have agreed to with the Go Fit Gals, I can not disclose any specifics of the recipes but I can show and talk about what I ate.

Breakfast consisted of: Egg Muffins (as I call them) and an apple

Egg muffins prepped and ready to be ate!

Egg muffins prepped and ready to be ate!

Lunch was egg salad in a pita and a salad


Lunch is served

Lunch is served

I have had 1/2 c of cashews for a snack and also a protein bar after my workout today at the gym. Speaking of gym…how did I train dirty you may ask? Well because I still have to watch and listen to my body (recovering from a c-section takes time! Even after 3 months I still need to let my body completely heal). I rode the stationary bike for 30 mins and then the elliptical and I had a date for another 30 mins. I have to remember that I am still recovering.

So until tomorrow I have to remember “I am changing my mindset because my health, my life and my daughter is worth it!”


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