Manic Monday

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So it’s Monday already. I know I can’t believe it either! Where did your weekend go? Mine went to doing some retail therapy and spending Sunday with Hubby.

I have decided I need keep my goals in front of my face at all times.  I haven’t slipped but being able to see them all the time will keep me more accountable. Yes, I feel the old school paper and pen work wonders! I have also set my alarm for every hour so that I am making sure that I am getting my water intake. This is the problem I struggle with the most. I only drink water but there are some days were I will only have 16 – 24 oz a whole day! BAD!!!! I know.

So, what are your new goals for this week?
Mine are:
*drink 8 oz of water every hour
*walk…walk..walk! Some days are so hard for me to get moving other then with the daycare littles.
*hold myself accountable for everything I eat
*make sure I am getting my calories in. 



I must stay accountable!!!

What do you do that keeps you accountable for your eatings/workouts?


2 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I try to keep up with the weekly chase. Puttingy goals on my bog and linking up with Mindy from The extra accountability really helps me! 🙂

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