#MamaVoxBox {Post 1}

I was selected from Influenster to receive the Mama VoxBox. YAY!! I was super excited when I received the “YOU’RE IN” email. When I received the box I couldn’t wait to open it. This #MamaVoxBox included the following:


Let’s start with the belVita breakfast bar. I recently received belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits complimentary from Influenster on behalf of belVita. I have never tried them before and just thought it would be like eating a cookie for breakfast. I thought I would be hungry 5 mins later. Boy was I WRONG! I received the Oats and Chocolate soft baked biscuit. It was amazing. This particular biscuit only has 200 calories per serving. Also it has 20% of your daily value of fiber in just one biscuit; which means it keeps you fuller longer! The only thing I was concerned with this biscuit was it does have 10g of sugar in it. I personally try to limit my added sugar to about 20g a day so this seemed like a lot in one sitting for me personally.


At first I was concerned about the chocolate because I didn’t want it to take “fake” and it did not. I took a chocolate chunk out to try alone and it was still really good. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who isn’t a huge breakfast person. They are also good for on the go people too!


The next product that I tried was the Annie’s Homegrown Organic Mac and Cheese. Now, I’m not a huge mac and cheese eater…Like maybe once a year I eat it. I have to say this was pretty good. It was definitely higher then my expectations were for it. You can tell it was a microwavable mac and cheese but there isn’t much expectations when you cook things in the microwave, in my opinion. The one bad thing that I found was it had a lot of sodium in it. (470mg in one serving)


If your a big mac and cheese eater I would definatly suggest giving this a try! It is a very easy and quick meal to make.  The whole thing takes about 3 mins to make from start to finish.
It’s as easy as….
1. Remove lid and cheese packet
2. Add cold water and stir
3. Microwave for 2 mins
4. Stir in cheese


I also liked that the ingredients were organic and not made with crap. The first ingredient was organic wheat macaroni. SCORE! I do not eat white bread or pasta any more! So if you need a quick lunch and want some mac and cheese, I suggest going for this instead of the other brands. On a scale from 1 – 5 ( 1=Gross doesn’t even start to describe it; 5=This is AMAZING) I would give it a 3.


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