It’s Over!


This week’s Go Fit Gals Challenge is about getting rid of stress. 

Before having Baby P getting rid of stress was easier. I would use the gym as my stress reliever or I would just sit out on the deck, with a book and enjoy the sun. My biggest stress comes from over worrying and now that Baby P is around, I feel like worry and I have an inseparable bond. Now I still go to the gym to work out but I worry about how she is doing when I am away from her. I worry about making sure everything is okay when I am with her. Its outage season so I worry about Hubby and him not getting hurt while at work, or getting in an accident coming home when he is able. 
I feel like I should go to worrywarts anonymous.  

Hello. My name is Ashley and I worry! 

So I have come up with some ways to help myself deal with stress as best as I can right now being it’s just me and baby P. 

*Take time to read at night 
*Unplug at night and just breathe!
*Use my walks/gym time to clear my head
*If it’s nice, take 20 mins while she sleeps to sit outside. 
*Let go of the idea everything has to get done in one day! 


I’m letting go of stress because….

*a stressfree momma is a happy momma
*stress doesn’t help with a happy lifestyle
*stress causes emotional eating
*stress is the devil!!! 

What are some ways you get rid of stress in your life?


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