I literally have 10 mins to get this out and I hope that I am able to do get everything I want to say in this post. So here it goes…

I’ve literally lost all motivation to get out there and get back on track after having Baby P. I believe a lot of it stems from still (even after almost 5 months) I don’t feel like myself. I know that having a c-section is a MAJOR surgery but I want to feel normal again. I want to be able to do more then just walk without having to take the following 2 days to recoup in order to care for Baby P.

I find it hard because I’m not where I was. I know it takes time but I feel like I’m never going to get there. I want to be able to do what I did before without feeling the pain of an incision. It is so much harder then I thought it would be. It’s frustrating!

I haven’t totally gave up though. I still focus on eating healthy so I guess it’s not a total loss…..


2 thoughts on “Motivation…MIA!

  1. You’ll get there! I know that it’s no fun, when I had my wisdom teeth out I struggled with running again because it felt like my teeth were going to explode.

    I can only imagine a c-section recovery!

    Hang in there, princess P has a great mom!

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