Updates and Check In’s

I’m writing this post early because I know this weekend I won’t get the chance to sit down. It is going to be one busy weekend and being that Old Man Winter is severely pissed off…it’s going to be a weekend to remember!

First, let’s check in and see how the goals for 2014 are going.   So far I am 18 miles into my 700 miles goal. Not bad…Not bad. Baby steps eventually lead to giant leaps and I will take my time to make it there so that I do not fail. My water intake has been right now. I am consciously making sure that I am using a larger cup during the day. If I need to play mind games with myself…then mind games it is. I can’t say that my getting to the gym has been all success. Actually it’s been a fail so far….I have to put some of the blame on Old Man Winter because when my town is on a level 2 and 3 snow emergency, I can’t say that getting to the gym is the safest route. I have been doing some not so routine cardio at home so I’m not just sitting around. I have been using the stairs in my house as cardio during the day and also my improv cardio the other day was hauling wood into the garage via a wheelbarrow and carrying it down to the basement.

How have you been moving in 2014?

Now for the update part. Baby P will be 7 months old on Saturday. 7 months ago I gave birth to an amazing princess who makes my rough days better and my good days great. We have had our ups and downs lately with her reflux but I think we have finally got that under control….for now. She is finally able to eat, and keep down solids. We just went to her 6 month well baby check up and she is 13 lbs 7.5 oz and 26 in long. She is a petite princess!! Dr said because she is finally able to keep her solids down and she is meeting every other milestone, she isn’t to worried right now about her weight.
I still can’t believe that she is 7 months already. Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. She is doing some serious rolling to get around and spinning on her belly. She is sitting with minimal support and everyday there is something new that she does.



2 thoughts on “Updates and Check In’s

  1. I can’t tell you how many time I went to work and realized two hours later that I smelled like baby puke…. yay! Sounds like you are well on your way to your mileage goal! Keep up the good work lady! Thanks for linking up! Hopefully your running motivates me!

    Camo & Lipstick

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