Why I still believe in marriage

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To Have and To Hold…For Better or For Worse.
Those words have been said for many many years. It has been said in a chuch, in a backyard, a court house…and many other places between two people who love each other unconditionally.

There are some people that believe that marriage is just a piece of paper and usually ends up in a messy divorce. There are some people that believe one you marry a person that wil be the only person you will spend the rest of your life with and divorce is never an option. Then there are people who believe that they are just the type of person who will socially date, or maybe just have a life partner without marrying because that is their style. Everyone is entitled to their own belief.

Who do you agree with?

I believe that marriage should be forever. Call me “old fashion” or “traditional”…Whatever you choose but I think divorce is an easy way out. I believe that some couples use divorce as a way out;  for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong. Just like with everything in life there are always exceptions. But I feel as though as a couple and individual; you should have to exhaust all options (including a marriage class) before the divorce should be an option. I feel as though when you say your vows they should be the foundation and stability in your marriage.

Believing in marriage is almost a long lost dream now a days. I feel as though there is someone out there for everyone. I believe in true love. Some may say I’m a hopeless romantic. That may be true and there is nothing wrong with that. I feel as though society as a whole has lost a lot of it’s beliefs and morals as time goes on. (But that’s a whole other post!!!) The belief of marriage may  be getting lost but I will never let go of mine.



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