Follow Through Friday – Week 2

Have you been following these ladies for the Follow Through Friday links??
If not your missing out because all the cool kids are doing it.
This weeks past goals were: 
Drink more high quality H2O
Track my miles and food

Hit the gym
Unplug for at least an hour a day and read.
(I’ve got 276 books on my kindle app and I want to get through at least 24 of them this year!)
So how did I do, you ask?
Water intake for the week: at least 64 oz everday!!!! (BOOYA!!)
Tracking miles and food: Epic Fail!!
Hitting the gym: ha! could I get a few more hours in the day??
and finally….
Unplugging: not to bad.
This week has been such a busy. and yet a non productive week. I have vowed that next week will be much better! I have already planned out my meals for next week and organized my calendar and such for next week. It’s so hard to get a minute away to get to the gym. (enter the 500 million excuses I could come up with) but…Next week there is no more excuses. There is only time! I’ve got to get back to the motivation I had before.
How did you do this week?

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