Willpower…Come to me!!

sugar withdrawl

I wanted to write this post yesterday but my head hurt so bad I couldn’t even think to stare at the computer screen. All I could think about was sweet things to eat.

Why do you ask? 

I started the Whole 30 Challenge. If you are unfamiliar with this challenge, the nutshell is basically giving up all sugar, dairy, beans, grains and alcohol for 30 days. I have no problem with everything except the sugar. I am struggling so bad already. I am questioning if I am willing to do this for 30 days. I did feel much better yesterday, other then the headache, and felt fuller during the day. I didn’t feel as though I needed to eat all day long to feel full. I plan on, along with my follow through Friday posts, to do a weekly post about what I ate for that week. The reason I’m doing it on Friday is because I know the weekends are busy and usually filled with quality family time.

How do you cope with cravings?

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One thought on “Willpower…Come to me!!

  1. I deal with cravings (in theory) by being prepared with healthy foods. If there is nothing healthy available or accessible, that’s when I stray from my health plan. Good luck! That’s an admirable challenge to take on!

    Lindsay @ Wedding Rings to Teething Rings

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