Monday Motivation

Workout ideas1

I have been struggling with workouts at home. I really don’t have a lot of time during the day with running a home daycare, tending to Baby P and also having to do all my duties as a wife with Mr being on third shift now. (Not that I am complaining, I just don’t have an hour to spare sometimes during the day!)

So I came up with a quick workout that I can do at home, and even if the time is available I can break it up into sets during the day. I am also participating in an instagram challenge next month that I give myself 30 mins a day to workout. This small workout will help tremendously on the weeks I can’t make it to the gym. (Which I miss dearly!!!….STUPID third shift!!) I have also decided that each week I will add more to the workout (number wise) and at the end of thirty days I will see how much progress has been made. Let’s hope for a lot!

If anyone wants to do this quick workout with me for the next month feel free. Add me on twitter (smltwngrl920) or instagram (smltwngrl920) and can keep each other accountable. Also click the link below to vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs. Every vote counts!! 🙂 Thanks!!!

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