Keep them busy!

I usually don’t blog about my home daycare on here except on occasion I will mention it in a post but today’s project was way to much fun to not share! Because of all the snow (YUK!) I was browsing researching activities on Pinterest and came across an ice marble activity. This is how we made ice marbles!

First I filled up balloons with water. Leave room for expansion!


Then I let the my Little drop 10 drops of food coloring of his choice into the balloon.


I tied the balloon and set them outside to freeze over the course of a few hours. ( I think they were frozen in like 30 mins but I wanted to make sure they were good and solid)


After they were frozen I cut off the balloon and let him roll them around in a tote until he was done playing with them. We then set them outside (because they won’t melt) and every day we will be able to see them.

100_5014 100_5016

I use projects to talk about different concepts. Today we talked about what happens when you make water super cold and as the days get warmer we will talk about what happens to the marbles as the weather changes. I currently only have a three year old so our talks do not consist of big terms and such but they are in a way that he will understand.

Stay tuned…There may be more ice/snow projects coming this week!!

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