5 Ways to Stay Motivated

We are into the second month of 2014. Are you starting to lose motivation with your weight loss or fitness goals? Here are some ways to get more motivated during the month of February!

1. Search for a new workout. Every so often its a good idea to change up the way you work out. Routine not only makes your workout boring but also doesn’t “confuse” your muscles.


Found via Pinterest

2. Make a inspiration board or collage that you will see everyday. It gives you the ability to remember where you want to go in the fitness/weight loss journey! This one was my favorite that I have seen so far. It may very well be on my Pinterest Arts and Crafts To Do List!!

Found via Pinterest

3. Find a challenge for the month. There are tons of different challenges that you can find on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. This month I am participating in to different challenges. One is from FitApproach and Lorna Jane. And the other one is on Instagram. Search the hashtags #mnbchallenge and#stopandgivemethirty

4. Engage in a support group. There are many different groups on line that are available. A few of the groups that I am apart of are linked on my sidebar. Check them out! You won’t be disappointed. There are so many ways to get support and everyone is so supportive in the groups!

5. Workout with a friend. When you workout with a friend you are less likely to have an excuse to avoid your goals. Hold each other accountable. Make a weekly plan for what you want to do, whether it means going to the gym, going for an outdoor walk, or meeting at either your house or theirs and getting through that workout dvd together. Motivate each other!

ecardIf you need some motivation feel free to add me on twitter, instagram, or email me! I am also up for new accountability friends!

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