#MNB Challenge Week 2

MNB Challenge Week 2

Well, as you read this we are officially into the third week. I meant to sit down and write this post out on Friday and life happens; and totally being off schedule, forgetting today is Monday…I am just now getting down to it.

Mondays challenge was to go meatless. I was rather nervous about this challenge when I first read all the challenges. What can I say, I love me some meat! But I thought what is one day going to hurt? Will it be tough…Maybe! Can I do it? YES!! And I did. (Not pictured were the eggs and fruit I had for breakfast)

Do you participate in #meatlessmondays?

Tuesdays challenge was “Take Your Lunch To Work”. This was an easy peasy challenge for me. I work at home. My lunch for the day was one of my favorite salads now. Spinach, veggies, chicken and raspberries.


Do you take your lunch to work or eat out? If you eat out, try taking your lunch to work for one week and notice the difference!

Wednesdays challenge was to journal your food for the day. This is some days a struggle for me. I get busy and forget to write down what I have ate. Is it a habit I would like to get into to? Yes. More then ever. Should I make more time for it? Yes. Life is just crazy around here and sometimes, there are times I forget to even eat.


Do you keep a food journal? Do you write it down or use an app?

Thursdays challenge was to make and share your favorite smoothie. I used frozen fruit (mixed berries) and greek yogurt. It was delish and really helped me curb the sweet craving I had that night.


What are your favorite things to add into a smoothie?

Fridays challenge was to go raw. I posted a picture of my favorite raw snack. Fruit!!

What does going Raw mean to you?

And now to the final week of the #mnbchallenge!

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