Separation Anxiety…And It begins

Today Baby P turns 9 months. Over this 9 months, she had some jaundice after she was born, been diagnosed with reflux, went through a beryllium test, and we just got over our first trip to the ER for a tummy bug. I have to say even though she has been through a lot during her short time, she has been a trooper. As we hit the 9 month mark we are starting to deal with separation anxiety.

I question what I have I done for her to not want to be around anyone but myself and her daddy when he is home. Is it because I work from home and she doesn’t have to go to a daycare center or home daycare? It is because I am the main person that is home with her all the time? Is this going to last forever? Will she eventually grow out of it and became a social person? These are just some of the questions that I ask myself every time I have to leave her to attend trainings for my job, or have a date night with My Mr. There is so much guilt that comes with those times. I should be the one that is comforting her when she is upset. What does she think when we leave? I hate that she is upset so all I can think of during those times is how fast can I get back to her.

I was reading last night and everything that I seen said that separation anxiety starts to peak around this age. It is because she is getting more mobile, and still hasn’t grasped that it’s okay to be independent. Because I have worked with children for the last 14 years (wow! That’s a long time!!!) I know that this is a normal milestone that we are going to conquer BUT when it’s your own child it is totally different.

How did you deal with separation anxiety?

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2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety…And It begins

  1. With separation anxiety I found that I had to quickly say my bye byes if leaving him and he would get over it quickly. I would tell him things like, “Mommy will be back. I have to go to work so we can keep our house warm.” Or “Mommy had to go to school so she can get smarter and become a nurse.” It was hard and still not something I enjoy when he cries when I leave. Thankfully now at 16 months (OK almost he turns 16 months on the 24th) the cries are few and far between…now he usually blows me kisses and waves bye bye when I am leaving him with my mom (with others….He probably will cry. My mom is his usual caregiver besides me).

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