Sleep Deprived and Mushy Brain

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Well, since Baby P has turned 9 months, sleeping through the night seems to be optional. Mind you I have been blessed because she has been sleeping through the night for the most part since she has been 3 weeks old so I really can’t complain but good God, these teeth need to hurry and come in! They are making my poor princess feel horrible! I feel awful for her because I know she is struggling and feeling horrible. Tylenol + Baby Orajel = Our Best Friends! 🙂

Other then our teething adventure, Baby P has been a very mobile little explorer. She is getting around really good and loves to be on the move. The swing and her bouncy seat has officially been put away (tears!!) and we have a jumper and exersaucer out for her now. She likes the exersaucser sometimes but would rather be on the go crawling around. She is still getting used to the jumper. She likes it as long as I am helping her to jump in it and playing with her. She is getting to be such a big girl. I can’t believe in less then 3 months she will be ONE YEAR!!! Where does the time go???

Since it is almost 1030, and she needs one more bottle…I’m going to cut this post short but I do have a few fun posts coming soon so make sure you are following! (one includes a giveaway!!)

Have a great night and let’s welcome monday with open arms…at least try!

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