J-Color Paint -N- Fly Glider Kit Review

I had the opportunity to review the J-Color Paint -N- Fly Glider Kit. After receiving the kit, I couldn’t wait to try them out with the daycare littles! My boys love airplanes, rockets, trains…Etc!


Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not very cooperative so it took awhile before I could introduce the gliders to the boys. As soon as Mother Nature gave us a good day we took advantage of it! I told the boys once we were outside, I had a surprise for them. When I showed the gliders to them they were so excited. I wish I could have captured their expressions with the camera but being it’s just me with the littles, I only have so many hands! 🙂
So after explaining the gliders to the boys, I let them have at it. Being the boys are only 3 and 4, it took them a few tries to get the hang of it but once they did, boy did they have so much fun!!



I asked them, after it was time to put the gliders away and head inside for lunch, if the gliders were fun and they all said “YES!!” The boys have renamed the gliders “air jets” and everytime we go outside, the first question is “Can we play with the air jets?”. Of course the answer is YES! 🙂



Now that I have told you about how much the boys loved playing with the gliders, let’s get into the details about the gliders.

The glider is 18 inches long with a height of 3.5 inches. Which makes it easy to hold by children of all ages.

The glider kit comes with:

  • instructions
  • paint
  • paint plate
  • glider parts

The instructions are not very detailed for assembly but they do not have to be. The illustrations are very helpful and the gliders go together in just 3 easy steps. The gliders are made with a flexible EPO foam with helps in the durability of the gliders. At first I was nervous about the gliders crashing onto the cement because I did not want them to get ruined the first time we played with them. I can honestly say after many “crashes” (and we all know how rough boys can be sometimes), the gliders still look brand new!

Because of the weather and how the boys schedules worked out, I did not have them paint them before flying. (The instructions say to allow for a full 24 hours before flying after painting). I did, however, paint the glider myself and then the boys fly it the next time we went outside. WE did not repaint the glider yet, but the glider was soaked in water for 2 hours and I found the paint peeled right off! Such an awesome idea!!!!

The gliders can be bought via online, individually or in packages up to 36 depending on the model you pick. This is a great idea for daycare centers, birthday parties or family gatherings.

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Disclaimer: I was given this kit to review for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by anyone including the company I am doing a review for.


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