One Month down…11 More to Go! #motivation #weightwatchers

Welcome back! I am officially back to blogging. Life have been crazy..but that’s life! 🙂

On Jan 28, I joined Weight Watchers. I feel like I am ready to make these changes. I was doing so well and then I fell jumped off the healthy bandwagon and began eating whatever was quick and fast. I am not making excuses at all. I am owing the whole situation. It was easier to just eat crap then it was to actually make something that was a better choice.

Found Via Pinterest

Found Via Pinterest

My main way to keep this goal in check is FOOD PREP! Every Sunday, that will be my one and only goal for the day. I have purchased containers to keep everything organized in the fridge. So I am actually excited to start this new chapter.

Ready…Set…Let’s Do This! 


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