Not Such a Weigh In Wednesday

I missed last week on the blog because, well life happened.

But this week, I am back. Last week the scale did not move. So I am still at 2.5 down for the weight watchers chapter in my life so far. I did not weigh in today because frankly, I was not feeling it. I had indulged A LOT this past weekend and also yesterday, I felt like I could eat all day long.  My water intake this past week has not been the best either so I know I was holding onto water weight, which lets face’s not the best to hold onto! But I am not letting this past week define me or my motivation.

via Pinterest

It’s not about being perfect, its about progress. Progress doesn’t have to won’t happen over night! Progress is about (for me) taking it one meal at a time. So that’s my plan for this week.


Did you overindulge this past weekend?


One thought on “Not Such a Weigh In Wednesday

  1. Don’t worry if the scale doesn’t move. Focus on how you feel and how your clothes feel on you. that’s the real indication 🙂 good luck on your fitness journey, you can do it! 🙂 x

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