Official Diagnosis…Now What?

For awhile now, I’ve felt like something just wasn’t right with my body. I’ve felt like something was being missed but I just wasn’t sure exactly what it was. So Tuesday, I had an appointment with a reproduction specialist and after discussing my concerns and what was going on with me – I officially have a diagnosis…

(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

           Found via Pinterest

What exactly does that mean? In non-medical terms, I have a hormone imbalance that causes my body to be insulin resistant and gives me other complications such as wacky monthly cycles, a more difficult time losing weight, and the inability to ovulate most months at all.

The doctor prescribed metaformin and also an HSG test in order to see if my tubes are clear, that will have to be done at a later date. Hubby and I are not trying for another sibling for Baby P at this time but I did this to make that if that times comes, I am as normal as I can be. I also want to be able to focus on getting myself healthy.

So now what? Since PCOS is something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life, my main objective is to get to the point that I need to take metaformin for the rest of my life. Because my body is insulin resistant, I will have to limit my carbs and also my sugar intake.

When I first started on this healthy lifestyle journey, all grains in the house were switched out to 100% whole grain so that right there is the first step I can check off! Sweets to me are like kryponite! I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so that will take some TONS of willpower to limit them even more now.

But this is just the start of a journey. I won’t let this define me, I won’t let this control me. This is just something that will make me stronger. Just one more thing that I will overcome!

           Found Via Pinterest

And with that…Weigh in Wednesday was no change in either direction. Thank you PCOS!


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