What Every Child Care Provider Wants You To Know….

Being a Family Child Care Provider (aka Home-Based Child Care Provider) and also someone who has worked in Child Care Centers, I always say, everytime I think I’ve seen it all…another parent throws a curve ball and gives you something totally new that you haven’t seen yet. I can tell you from my experience that being a FCCP (Family Child Care Provider) that it is totally different then working in a center but that doesn’t mean that I still don’t experience the joys and frustrations that come from working with families.

With the families that I have right now, I can honestly say that I am blessed beyond belief. But it always hasn’t been that way and it won’t always be that way. Some parents just don’t get it.

1. This is my business ~ Please don’t say that I’m a “baby sitter”. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have taken the time to attend trainings to make you’re child’s experience better and become more educated in this line of work. I have taken the time to create a handbook, set guidelines and plan learning activities for your child.

2. Bills don’t pay themselves. ~ When you don’t pay me that means that bills such as water and electricity don’t get paid. Maybe you can call the companies on my behalf and tell them that you didn’t pay me so I can’t pay them. Also, do you ever have to ask for your check at work? The answer is probably not…So don’t make me ask for my check for working that week!

3. Keep the germs away ~ When you bring your child to care sick, germs spread. I get sick or my daughter gets sick then I am forced to close. So if you would have kept your child home that day, you could have care when you need it!

4. Good daycare providers are in high demand ~ This means if you are taking advantage of your provider, you can be replaced. At any one time more then likely your provider has a wait list going. Be kind and respect your provider..it will go a long way!

5. Important information ~ If I hand out notices, newsletters, or anything else in writing; I need you to read it. I’m not taking the time to remind myself. And if it’s in writing…It’s usually important!

6. Communication is key ~ If you are going to be late, take the 2 mins to let me know. I plan the day accordingly and if I save breakfast for your child but you are an hour late…That could have been more food for the other children.

7. Being home ~ Yes, I am home all day long but that does not mean that I do not have other obligations to fulfill when you pick your child up. I have a family also, that needs my attention. More often then not, because of my husbands career (which I support 100%) I am the mom, and dad during the year. That means that when your child leaves my care, I have errands to run, dinner to fix and quality time with my daughter to spend.

8. Nap time is important ~ Not only for the children to recharge but also during this time, I use to catch up on phone calls, clean up, paperwork and also just taking a few minutes of quiet to myself. Pick up and drop offs during this time are very disruptive. If you need to do so, please remember…Children are sleeping!

9. R-E-S-P-E-C-T ~ It goes a long way. Respect that this is still my home. Respect my rules. Respect my time. Respect me.

I know that not everything I said today will be agreed upon but that is where we will agree to disagree. So please, if you are using child care, whether at a center or home based care, please remember….Appreciate everything we do for you and your family because given the opportunity to care for the most precious person in your life means the world to us too!


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