Coming To A Close

WOW! Where did this summer go? It feels like only yesterday we were looking forward to the summer layoff and all the fun weekends we had in store. Now we are gearing up for the first outage of the season and all our fun activities have come and gone.

Our summer was so busy! I think we may have only had one or two weekends where we did absolutely nothing! We started off the summer with my birthday weekend. Nothing huge planned but we did have family over for dinner.

The next weekend was my sister’s bachelorette party. We spent the whole day at Kelly’s Island with a drink in our hand and not a care in the world. (I can not believe my sister is getting married!!!!)

Then we celebrated Baby P’s 2nd Birthday! I am still in shock she is already 2! My baby is becoming such a big girl!! We had a Minnie (Mimme) Mouse inspired celebration. She loves Minnie and Mickey. She can already count to around 15. She knows her shapes (OBSESSED with ovals). She can say her ABC’s, colors are touch and go, and although she is two and we have our diva moments, she is such a good listener. She shows empathy and also is so loving. She is her daddy’s girl. She loves to play race cars and trains. She loves pushing her baby doll in the stroller. Her favorite foods are pizza, raw broccoli and chicken but she will pretty much eat anything that she is given.

The following weekend, Hubby and I spent the weekend at Kalahari Resorts. Hubby and I won a package on Valentines day at a fundraiser we attended. We took friends of ours and had a great time. Baby P spent the weekend at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house so Hubby and I went to Cedar Point the next day. Living very close to the roller coaster capital of the world has it’s perks!

Finally after those few busy and fun filled weekends, we had a free weekend. We did nothing but clean and pack because it was getting close to us leaving for vacation.

……Part 2 coming soon! Make sure you have subscribed so you don’t miss out!


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