Coming to a Close {Part 2}

And now we move into the crazy busy summer activities. If you have missed out on {PART ONE} check it out!

We spent the weekend of July 4th at a local drag strip (as we do every year). NHRA brings their National event here and we are experience the sights and sounds of the Funny Cars, Top Fuel Dragsters, ProStock, and Motorcycles, who race professionally. It is such a great experience!

After spending the weekend there, we were Kentucky bound Monday morning! We were able to spend the week with my aunt and uncle. While we were in KY, we attended the NASCAR race in Sparta, Kentucky! We took Baby P to the Louisville Zoo, went to a man made cave, and took many trips to the Waffle House. All of which Baby P LOVED! I love heading to Kentucky and every time we leave it gets harder and harder. Life is so different down there. It’s more relaxed and laid back. People are friendlier.

After we had a great time in KY, we had to eventually come home {tears!} and had a garage sale and then it was time to pack up the car again! Hubby and I went to the NASCAR race at Indianapolis Speedway. HOLY COW! That place is HUGE! Like so big, it needs it’s own zip code!!! {LOL} Other then the heat, it was a great weekend but also very short.

We had a few more small events to attend and for our last big family activity we took Baby P camping. She absolutely loved every minute of it. She is such an outside person so being able to be outside all day long for the whole weekend put her in heaven. We played at the park, went for MANY walks, made pie iron pizzas and overall just spend the weekend as a family.

So as this summer ends and outage season begins, I am counting down days that outage season is over and we have another fun family summer!

What was your favorite memory this summer?


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