Helicopter Parenting: When is it to far?

We have all heard of the term “Helicopter Parenting”. But for those who are curious about the term…A helicopter parent is one who hovers (like a helicopter) over their child/children. The parent consistently shadows the child/children. This parenting type is one that does not give the child the ability to learn from making mistakes that are made in life. The helicopter parent does not teach their child who to cope with life; the parent controls the child’s/children’s life.

As a child care provider, I run into all kinds of parenting styles and parents. I have had parents who do not even want to meet me before bringing their child to me. I have had parents who value my position and respect my home. I’ve had the parents who say that they have to work from open to close and yet they haven’t been there all day while their child is at childcare. And then there are the infamous helicopter parents…I’ve had children who are old enough to attempt putting their shoes on and yet because the parent has not given them the chance to try the child looks at me like I am speaking a foreign language when I tell them it’s time to get their shoes on.

Being a parent means finding the balance between nurturing you child and being the parent does everything for your child. IF you send your child to a child care program; please taek the time to let you child grow, fail, learn, and experience life. Your provider or center will thank you!


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