Mom Life …. Struggles, Milestones and Unconditional Love

Having a baby can change a person over night. There is the excitement of finding out that you are pregnant. The anticipation of meeting your little bundle of joy. The anxiety of “Am I doing this right?”. The unconditional love you have when you first lay eyes on your son or daughter.

Like children, life with children don’t come with an instruction book. Yes, you can read books about what to do but none of them can prepare you for this life. I have been around many different children but it is very different when the child is your own.

I think the biggest struggle  challenge I personally endure (even on a daily basis) is balancing life and understanding that things will get done when they get done. If there are times that Baby P needs more cuddles, more attention or just reassuring that Mama is here; the dishes can wait, laundry will still be there and not vacuuming for a day won’t kill me.

Found via Pinterest

We have to remember that as a mom our purpose is to love and reassure our children that we are here for them no matter what. We have to teach them the value of patients. We teach them empathy by modeling it towards them. We teach them the value of supporting someone. Children learn what we teach them, both consciously and unconsciously. If we keep telling them, “mommy is busy” they will learn that the laundry is more important.

Take the time to enjoy every moment when they are little because before you know it, there will be broken hearts to fix, disagreements to be had, and friends will come first.

What is/was your biggest challenge as a mother?


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