Falling Back

We are less then a week away from a time change. As adults, it sucks to have the time change and our routines become different. It’s 2:30pm right now as I type this; next week it will only be 1:30pm. The days feel longer. The darkness comes sooner. And we feel “off”. So how do you get your child to adjust without much interfering.


The most important tip is to start pushing back your day, if possible. I know that most people can not but if you are able to start pushing nap and bedtime back by 10 minutes everyday.

Example of a bedtime routine while transitioning to a fall back time change: 
Child normally goes to bed at 8pm.

Sunday – Bedtime is at 8:10pm
Monday – Bedtime is at 8:20pm
Tuesday – Bedtime is at 8:30pm
Wednesday – Bedtime is at 8:40pm
Thursday – Bedtime is at 8:50 pm
Friday – Bedtime is at 9:00pm
Saturday – Bedtime stays at 9:00pm
Sunday – Bedtime will be back at 8:00pm! – right were child started

I know this messes with our schedule as parents but instead of having the transitioning happening after the time change when you may experience battles with bedtime, extra early wake up calls, and restless sleep for your little one.

Have you started to transition your child? 


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