Dear Sleep Regression… You Suck!

There is not an actual Websters Dictionary definition of the term “Sleep Regression” but ask any parent who has had a child and they can tell you it is a real thing!

Most people believe that when their child, who previously was sleeping through the night, is now waking up for no apparent reason; sometimes a few times a night.

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We are currently experiencing this with Baby P. And let me tell you I am not a fan! She has always been an awesome sleeper and I feel like I am living the newborn dreams again. I know last week she was sick so that contributed to some of the restlessness but we are getting better. No coughing throughout the night what so ever, we are still getting up about 3 or 4 times a night. It isn’t for long and I am a fan of the crying it out (for a short amount of time) but when she is still coughing during the day, I do not want her to get upset enough to cause a coughing spell so I go and tuck her back in.

I know that “this too shall pass” .. I am hoping that it is sooner then later! I won’t lie..I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleep! And I miss it. I miss the bond we had with my bed. I miss feeling refreshed in the AM. I feel like a mombie again and let’s face it, that’s not a great feeling.

As I close this post, because Baby P has been in bed for 2 hours already, let me just say…

Dear Sleep Regression,
You Suck!
Baby P’s Mommy

Did your toddler every go through a sleep regression?


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