Whole 30 – Week 1

Today I start the Whole 30 challenge (with @gettinghealthy09 on IG). Today I take steps into my new healthy lifestyle. Today I meal prep for the week and if you are following me on IG you will see all the pictures of the delicious food I will make for my first week. I also made a menu template so that I have no excuses.


I am hopeful this time but I am also nervous. I know that when I start to deprive myself of foods that I normally would eat, then I crave them. I am also nervous because sugar is my weakness. I mean you name it…cakes, doughnuts, candy, chocolate, ice cream. I have THE BIGGEST sweet tooth ever! AHH!

So make sure you are following along on my journey through the next 30 days. I will apologize now for things that are said during the sugar withdraw! LOL — I will not sugar coat (pun intended) any post through this journey. I will be honest with every thought, every struggle, every accomplishment. So wish me luck and here goes nothing!


7 thoughts on “Whole 30 – Week 1

  1. Good luck to you! Can I ask if you hard boil the eggs the night before or on the day you will eat them? Can I also ask if you have any protein or carbs in the salad for lunch?
    I would eat all of the food listed so I am very interested to follow your journey 🙂 Meal prep in particular is something I just struggle with so I love seeing how others manage it 🙂

    • I usually hard boil about a dozen or so and that way I have them on hand in the fridge.
      I don’t put any carbs on my salad. During the whole 30, grains are not allowed. Mostly just protein (as long as its approved), vegetables and fruits. Dairy is also not allowed. I am in the process of getting a post together of what’s allowed and what’s not. It should be up this week! As far as proteins on my salad, sometimes I will add some chicken.

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