MealEnders Review +GIVEAWAY!!

MmI was blessed with the opportunity from FitApproach and MealEnders to be able to review their product and also giveaway some to my fabulous readers!

Are you someone who is known to overeat? Do you have a hard time not giving into cravings? If you answered “YES!” to either question (or both, if you are like me) then you are in the right place!

What are MealEnders?
It is a weight management product that help to avoid overeating and clearing cravings. MealEnders do not only work solely on your stomach. The lozenges focus on the mind and body.

How do they work?
The lozenge will keep your mind and mouth occupied after a meal (to replace dessert) or when you want to curb a craving. The lozenge is made up two layers. The first layer is the sweet layer. This is the “dessert” portion of the lozenge. The second part is a cooling/tingling hard layer. According the MealEnders, this layer clears the palate and lingers on the tongue after the lozenge is dissolved.

Borrowed From MealEnders Twitter Feed @mealenders


How did I use them?
I used them after meals when I felt like I needed to eat more but I didn’t want to overeat, and also on days that I felt like I couldn’t stay out of the kitchen. Working from home in a child care setting, I am ALWAYS in the kitchen and it’s hard for me to not graze all day long. On those days particular, I felt that the lozenges worked well. According the directions, you are not allowed to chew the lozenge. Allow the lozenge to dissolve completely. This step was hard for me because I am the type that likes to bit suckers, and hard candy. I can’t just let them dissolve! BUT I did it!

There are four flavors that are available from MealEnders. Each pack comes with 25 pieces. You can chose from the following flavors: Citrus, Mocca, Chocolate Mint, or Cinnamon. Prices start at one pouch for 14.95. You can also make a 30 day commitment for 34.95 or a 90 day commitment for 89.95 (SAVINGS of 45.00!!!) Plus if you subscribe to either the 30 day or 90 day commitment then you can save an additional 10%. Who doesn’t love a good savings?!

What are they made of?
Each flavor contains different ingredients – Head on over to MealEnders Ingredients page to check on the flavors that you would like to try.

My overall experience with MealEnders:
I have used them a handful of times throughout the days since my product came in the mail. I can defiantly tell a difference when I use them versus days I do not. The cravings are reduced on days that I use them and at 15 calories for 1, that in my mind is A LOT less then half a bag of chips, cookies, candy bars, etc!
I really enjoyed the citrus and the cinnamon. I am not a huge coffee fan so the Mocha was not one that I would pick and also the Chocolate Mint I let my husband try and he enjoyed that one since Chocolate Mint is a favorite flavor of his.

AND NOW for the FUN: MealEnders was gracious enough to allow me to giveaway a 4 pack (one pack of each flavor) to one of my lucky readers! (a $50.00 value) So if you want to win enter now! If you do not want to wait until the giveaway is over and you want to purchase your own at a 20% discount using the code FitHolidays20; Head on over to


How to Enter:
1. Follow me on Instagram – @beinspired_betrue (will check!)
2. Repost the pic below and tag me
3. Hashtag – #beinspiredgiveaway
4. Tweet About the Giveaway : “I just entered a @mealenders giveaway from @smltwngrl920 & you should too! #fitholidays #sweatpink
5. Don’t have twitter: Leave a blog comment about your thoughts on this product!

All things must be done to qualify and Winner will be chosen on December 21!!!!  Good Luck!




Disclaimer: I was given this product for free to review. The opinions are my own and not influenced my anyone, including the company.


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