Baby P’s Birth Story

It all started at 1:15am. I got up to use the bathroom for the 29,000,000th time on Monday June 10, 2013. After getting back into bed, something didn’t feel right…Well maybe I have to pee some more. Heading back into the bathroom (thank goodness we have one within a few steps of our bed!) I defiantly didn’t have to pee!

“Honey, it’s time!” As a half awake husband wakes up he says “Well how do you know?!” I tell him well I didn’t just pee myself. My water just broke!!!!” So after it registering in his brain that the baby is coming and we get the bags in the car, we head off to the hospital around 2am. (We only live 7 mins from the hospital) and I knew we were going to be there for the long haul once we got there. Being this is our first child; the nerves began to work overtime and the excitement starting working at the same time. Can you say adrenaline rush?!

We get to the hospital and the receptionist at the ER says…wait for it….Can you walk up to L&D? Umm…sure I will if you want to follow behind me with a mop! NO! I could really use a wheelchair but thanks for offering the extra exercise. We get up to L&D and the nurse gets me one of those highly attractive gowns and starts hooking me up to the monitors. She tries to get my IV in on the top of my hand…FAIL! She blew my vein. (I told her my veins weren’t great and it would be difficult) After she tries, she brings in another nurse to try. Nurse 2 tries on the side of my wrist area….EPIC FAIL! She blew that vein. C’mon ladies. As much as I HATE needles, this is not going well for me. So the big lady in charge of doing IV’s comes in and she gets one in finally. Nurse 1 says  “Well, you’re only 1-2cm so get comfy and sleep if you can.”

Because the anesthesiologist was going to be on the floor for another patient, they planned on giving me my epidural early. (No complaints there from me!) Well he comes in and we talk about my blood doesn’t like to clot like a normal person and so guess who gets to get more blood drawn just for the epidural…YEP! Me! So more blood gets drawn and we wait for the results…….

2 hours later…

I get checked again. Small progress but nothing huge. More Pitocin and still waiting on results. Oh wait! The person who drew blood for the tests didn’t get enough, so I get another poke with needles and we wait some more…

1.5 hours later…

Anesthesiologist comes back. I get the all clear for the epidural. Keep in mind all this time, the monitor has been picking up contractions and I haven’t felt them at all. SCORE 1 for me! So by this time it’s around 530am. Still not progressing but I knew it was going to be a long ride for us because everyone says your first child likes to take his/her time. No exception here!

So after upping the dosage of Pitocin and making sure my epidural bag stays full, we are still trying to progress all night long. (I went through almost 4 bags of epidural and my Pitocin went up to 30)

Fast forward to about 6am on Tuesday. Guess who progress to only 5cm! Yep..thats me. Baby P was looking up instead of down so she didn’t have the ability to help mommy progress anymore and now that she has been without amniotic fluid for so long my doctor said it’s time we need to mentally prepare for a c-section. I fight within myself because mentally I just had a feeling when I was pregnant I was going to end up with a c-section but the other part of me feels like my body is failing me yet again. (I say again because it took some time and help to get her here in the beginning) Hubby and I were told this would happen in about 45 mins so we should get our families to the hospital.

We get prepped for surgery. Hubby gets to come in after they have me all ready and its 7 mins from the time he gets into the room from the time we hear her cry for the first time. That sound is an amazing sound.  Baby P was finally here at 6:54am! They get here all cleaned up and weighed and measured. Being 11 days early she weighed 6lbs 11oz and was 20inches long. I get to give her a kiss and hubby kisses me and they leave.

I have to say that I was one of the lucky ones, that even though it took some time to get her here and some help to get her into this world, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. We have a healthy and beautiful little princess who makes my days’ worth living. I can’t wait to start memories with her, show her things, teach her things and be there for every boo boo, every question, every mistake and every memory that she wants to make.


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