33 Things in 2016

Wow! Can you believe it? We are already almost a week into 2016.  I have decided that this year, I want to accomplish 33 things. Why did I pick that number? Simple! Because I will be 33 in 2016!


So here is my list: I will come back in 365 days and see where I am at! So here’s to 2016!!!

  1. Read 12 books
  2. Loose 52 lbs
  3. Walk 10,000 steps everyday (approx 1780 miles!)
  4. Ride my bike more
  5. Unplug at night
  6. Become a 3 star rated daycare program
  7. Transition Baby P into her big girl bed
  8. Find our forever home
  9. Take time for myself
  10. Start night yoga
  11. Become healthier (80/20 works for me!)
  12. Complete 5 craft projects
  13. Take Baby P camping at least 3 times
  14. Meal plan weekly..EVERY WEEK!
  15. Blog at least twice a week…EVERY WEEK!
  16. Stress Less
  17. Visit somewhere new
  18. Step out of my comfort zone and try something new
  19. Successfully finish at least one round of Whole 30.
  20. Get outside more
  21. Learn to love myself for who I am
  22. Turn off the TV
  23. Really listen and be present
  24. Get the whole house organized
  25. Feel comfortable in my own skin
  26. Love harder
  27. Get all of our friends together at least one time this summer
  28. Move more during the day
  29. Organize pictures
  30. Decorate the house
  31. Learn to say “no” and not feel bad about it
  32. Join a club or something to get more me time
  33. ENJOY, LOVE, and LIVE everyday!


What do you want to accomplish in 2016?


Update in Pictures

Wow! One holiday is over and the other is just around the corner..literally! It has been a busy Thanksgiving. I took closed the child care program on Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) and reopened on Tuesday (after Thanksgiving).

On Wednesday, Baby P and I ran some errands and then spent the afternoon making cupcakes for our Thanksgiving family festivities. Thank you Pinterest!


On Thursday morning, I was at Meijer by 3:30AM in order to get in line for the sale. I love the #BlackFriday shopping excursions. Hubby stayed home with Baby P and they slept in. I was out of Meijer by 6:30am (after standing in line until 6:00AM for the Fitbit Charge HR (and a few other things). I also went to Rural King and was back home for good by 7:45AM.

After returning home, I was able to get a nap in before we went to my inlaws for dinner. After dinner, we sat around for awhile, watched some football, and then it was time to head back out. By 5pm, Hubby and I were standing in line at Kohls. After Kohls, we went to Target, and Old Navy. Crowds were surprisingly low this year. (Hubby was thankful for that!) We were completely done by 7:50pm.

Friday morning, we were back at it by 6am at Sams Club. This day took a little longer because we went to more stores and also stopped for breakfast. When we finished shopping, other then a few miscellaneous items, everyone is done! We have 95% finished our Christmas shopping before December 1!!!!


So, tell me…
Did you go Black Friday shopping? Have you started Christmas shopping yet?