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So I have completely fallen off the bandwagon. Life gets busy, things happen, and I get back into old routines and habits. Usually the first habit to creep back in is not making the best choices when I am eating. It becomes whatever is fast and easy especially when you have 5 little ones ranging in ages 8 months – 3 years running around the house 5 days a week. NO MORE! Old habits may be hard to break but taking time for myself should be #1 priority.
I have teamed up with Chobani to bring you ways burn 100 calories in a day! There are many ways that you can do this. The choice is yours!
  • Increase your step goal by 100 steps! We are all becoming obsessed (including myself!!) with how many steps a day and it’s becoming more of a competition. My average step goal is between 5000 and 8000 steps a day, which I thing that it is a good average being that I never leave my house during the day and I am running a home daycare. I have made it a point to push myself to get 100 more steps in the evenings before bed. This doesn’t take much time. Right before bed, I usually pace around my home for a few extra minutes
  • If you don’t have a lot of time in the evening just taking 10 mins and jog (in place, if you have to) and that short amount of time of jogging will give you an extra 100 calories burned for the day.
  • If you are a parent, you know that “the days are long but the years are short” — take an extra 25 minutes out of your day, unplug and play with your children. Get outside and take a walk around the neighborhood, talk to them about their day, or if they are younger talk to them about things in nature that you see. Make an obstacle course (inside or outside) and join in the fun with them. Before you know it, the 25 mins will turn into an hour and you and your children are making memories and burning calories all at the same time! #doublewin

chobani_100cal (2)

Now I am not a HUGE yogurt fan but I did try the new Chobani 100 crunch before writing out this because I am one who writes about things that I enjoy or agree with. I can say that the blueberry cookie crunch was one that I will be purchasing again. (Side note: brain fog was heavy that day and a picture didn’t get taken!) But I can tell you that it was not only tasty but also a much better choice then some.
Most people believe that yogurt no matter what brand it is. You really need to read ingredient labels because some yogurts have added sugar. aspartame, and other not so good for you things added.
The Chobani Simply 100 line (crunch or not) is all about making healthier choices.

The Chobani Simply 100 line (crunch or not) that you can find here is all about making healthier choices.

So tell me…
How are you burning 100 more calories a day? Have you tried the new Chobani Simply 100 Crunch yogurt? Which one was your favorite?



My HSG Experience

Last Thursday evening I went for my first HSG test after officially being diagnosed with PCOS last year. I know that this can be a scary, and nervous time for anyone so I would like to share my experience; in hopes that I can calm your nervous before you have the procedure done.

HSG Test

After scheduling the test, I did what every other one of you reading this post did…I went to the all mighty Mr. Google. I wanted to find out about the test. I wanted to know the pain associated with the test. I wanted to be prepared! BAD MOVE! Step Away from Mr. G…Walk Away…FAST! (but finish reading this post! HA!)

I read many different experiences from people who not only had one test done, but multiples. I totally had myself in a panic.I was worried about the pain associated with it because let’s be real – My pain tolerance is not the highest. As the day went on the more nervous I became. I tried to keep myself busy during the day but my mind kept wondering back to “is this something I should be doing?”

Welp, the time came and I checked into the facility. Waited about 30 mins before getting called back. {Hello Nerves..We Meet Again!} Finally, my name was called and the time has come. There was no looking back now.

They gave me one of those o’so fashionable hospital gowns and taken back into the x-ray room. The doctor explained how the procedure would go. She then asked if I had any other questions. And it’s go time….Time for the test to begin!

Deep Breaths – Relax – Breathe 

The test began like any normal pap test. The catheter like tool was then inserted in order to put the dye in. A little pressure at this point but nothing more. Dye began and I watched on the screen as it entered my left tube. SCORE! It’s open! Doctor then wanted me to roll onto my right side. – nothing yet. Let’s roll a little more… Yep. still nothing. The doctor decided that the right side was blocked and the test was done.

I am able to sit up now and the doctor then went over the results with me. She said that my official doctor would get the results and proceed with the next step. She gave me some ideas of what the next steps could be but because she isn’t my official doctor, she could not actually tell me for sure which route we would take.

On a scale of 1-10 — I can’t even rank the pain. It was just like a normal pap with the uncomfortable feelings with a little pressure. I know that everyone’s pain tolerance is different but this is my experience and I hope that I am able to put at least one person’s mind at ease before experiencing the test.

So tell me.. 
Have you had the HSG test done?  Share your experience! 

Whole 30 – Week 1

Today I start the Whole 30 challenge (with @gettinghealthy09 on IG). Today I take steps into my new healthy lifestyle. Today I meal prep for the week and if you are following me on IG you will see all the pictures of the delicious food I will make for my first week. I also made a menu template so that I have no excuses.


I am hopeful this time but I am also nervous. I know that when I start to deprive myself of foods that I normally would eat, then I crave them. I am also nervous because sugar is my weakness. I mean you name it…cakes, doughnuts, candy, chocolate, ice cream. I have THE BIGGEST sweet tooth ever! AHH!

So make sure you are following along on my journey through the next 30 days. I will apologize now for things that are said during the sugar withdraw! LOL — I will not sugar coat (pun intended) any post through this journey. I will be honest with every thought, every struggle, every accomplishment. So wish me luck and here goes nothing!

Review, Update, and More! Oh My!

So life happens. And some times it’s {I don’t know how I keep my sanity} CRAZY and sometimes it’s {I am waiting for something to fall apart} going through the days and wondering where they are going. Lately it’s been a little of both. I am still getting used to the actual diagnosis of having PCOS. It seems unreal. It hurts. It gives me reason to question.

I am currently on week three of taking Metformin. The Dr wanted me to start with one pill and then work my way up to 3. {1500mg} – The first week was okay, nothing really bad side effect wise. So I gave it a week and started my second pill. Side effects started. I felt nauseous, didn’t want to eat but was hungry, headache happened throughout the day and sleeping was not restful. By the time the week was up with only taking 2 pills, I was starting to feel better. I started my third pill on Wednesday and needless to say; I feel awful!

I have decided that taking one day at a time is the best route to go but I really need to get my food prep and clean eating in check. Ever since I received the official diagnosis I have fallen off the bandwagon due to emotional eating. It gets me every time. I have to start planning out my menus for the week and sticking to it. More Sunday meal planning needs to be done and motivation needs to be found.

How will I get motivation and planning back? Well, I am glad you asked! I was blessed with an opportunity to do a review for a fitbook. What is a fitbook you may ask? Let me be the one to give you all the details!


fitlosophy was founded by Angela Mader, who is a certified in personal trainings and fitness nutrition, holds an MBA. Someone who is all around pretty amazing! Anywho.. She created fitlosophy to inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles. The fitlosophy mantra is live life fit. {I LOVE it!}

When I my fitbook first arrived, I expected it to be full of blank pages where I would be filling in EVERY…SINGLE…DETAIL. Boy! Was I wrong. The fitbook is a very detailed 12 week planner for those who enjoy the paper and pencil tracking approach.

After you get passed the resources in the beginning of the fitbook, the first actual planning page is all about your measurements. There is a spot of a before and after measurements. I love the idea that you are only measuring twice. It helps to not focus on numbers; because c’mon we all know we do it. Numbers are our worst enemy when trying to lose weight and get fit.


Then you get into the nuts and bolts of the planner. The “game plan” area are all about the bigger goals you want to acheive. Then each week of the 12 week program is broken down into goals, menu planning, workout planning and rewards! YES! {just remember food is not a reward!


At the end of each week is a “Weekly Wrap Up” section. This is an area to reflect on the week as a whole. It also gives you the opportunity to journal, place inspiration and write about the good and bad parts of the week. I really enjoy this part because it let’s you focus take the focus off each day and make it about a whole week. The good and the bad!


I started using the fitbook before I started taking metformin and I really enjoyed being able to see my goals, and my game plan in front of me in a simple yet helpful way. As soon as the metaformin allows me to eat normally and feel good enough to work out, I will be continuing the fitbook.

Do you like the paper and pencil way of tracking food, and your progress? Are you looking for a new way to get your motivation back? Look no further! Check out www.getfitbook.com and you can order your own fitbook and start out on your way to getting on track.

Good news for all my readers! fitbook has extended an amazing offer to all of you! Use ASHLEY15 to get 15% off your next order on getfitbook.com!

Make sure you are following fitbook on all social media outlets and tell them Ashley sent you!

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to review this product for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any one including the company that the product came from.

Motivation Monday

This week I am determined to get into a routine! Yesterday, I spent the evening prepping dinner meals for the week for myself. They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit. Today starts day 1!

Dinners are chicken and sweet potatoes. I will add some fruit to eat dinner also.

I start my metaformin this week so I really want to get into the habit of eliminating most of the processed sugars and watching my carb intake during the day.  I have a plan for working out, and my meals for the week.

I have the wonderful opportunity to review a fitbook (www.getfitbook.com) and this has given me the opportunity to get the plan in actual writing since I am more a paper and pencil type person. Tracking and planning on my phone just does not work for me. I will be posting more about my fitbook this week so be on the look out!

Official Diagnosis…Now What?

For awhile now, I’ve felt like something just wasn’t right with my body. I’ve felt like something was being missed but I just wasn’t sure exactly what it was. So Tuesday, I had an appointment with a reproduction specialist and after discussing my concerns and what was going on with me – I officially have a diagnosis…

(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

           Found via Pinterest

What exactly does that mean? In non-medical terms, I have a hormone imbalance that causes my body to be insulin resistant and gives me other complications such as wacky monthly cycles, a more difficult time losing weight, and the inability to ovulate most months at all.

The doctor prescribed metaformin and also an HSG test in order to see if my tubes are clear, that will have to be done at a later date. Hubby and I are not trying for another sibling for Baby P at this time but I did this to make that if that times comes, I am as normal as I can be. I also want to be able to focus on getting myself healthy.

So now what? Since PCOS is something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life, my main objective is to get to the point that I need to take metaformin for the rest of my life. Because my body is insulin resistant, I will have to limit my carbs and also my sugar intake.

When I first started on this healthy lifestyle journey, all grains in the house were switched out to 100% whole grain so that right there is the first step I can check off! Sweets to me are like kryponite! I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so that will take some TONS of willpower to limit them even more now.

But this is just the start of a journey. I won’t let this define me, I won’t let this control me. This is just something that will make me stronger. Just one more thing that I will overcome!

           Found Via Pinterest

And with that…Weigh in Wednesday was no change in either direction. Thank you PCOS!