My Emergency Snack Kit

Holidays are over and now it’s time to work on the new goals for the year. Over 90% of people make the “resolution” to loose weight on January 1..EVERY.SINGLE..YEAR! How many really stick to it? They become bored with it. They want instant results. They set themselves up for failure by not planning.

This brings me to my topic of the day today. How many of you actually plan snacks for during the day or for road trips? Having a 2 year old, who eats 12 hours a day (I would LOVE to have her metabolism!!!), makes me plan even more then I already do. So whether we are going on a 2 hour car ride trip or running errands for the day; I have to have an emergency snack kit on hand with me.

Having one for her gives me the confidence that I won’t ruin all the better choices I have made throughout the day with getting that king size candy bar in the check out line.

I have a small container that stays in the car and has snacks for myself, husband, or our 2 year old princess. And (drum roll please!) here are the details of the snack kit that you have been waiting for:

  1. Granola and Protein Bars: These are my favorite because they can also be thrown in my purse/diaper bag if we are heading into the store.
  2. Trail Mix: I am a huge fan of making it myself. I add almonds, M&Ms, cashews, peanuts, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes!
  3. Popcorn: This is made the day of the trip and put into small baggies.
  4. Goldfish Crackers: This is just for the little princess. She enjoys these and if we are going for a long car ride..whatever makes her happy makes for a happy mommy and daddy. (within reason of course!!)
  5. Fresh fruit: This is also added the day of. We usually take a small cooler if we are heading out for the day and the fruit will be added into the cooler.

What are your favorite snacks for road trips? If you need ideas or even maybe some birthday gifts; Head over to Nuts.Com and check out their products and ideas. They have some fantastic ideas and gifts.

nuts_holiday_v02 (1)


MealEnders Review +GIVEAWAY!!

MmI was blessed with the opportunity from FitApproach and MealEnders to be able to review their product and also giveaway some to my fabulous readers!

Are you someone who is known to overeat? Do you have a hard time not giving into cravings? If you answered “YES!” to either question (or both, if you are like me) then you are in the right place!

What are MealEnders?
It is a weight management product that help to avoid overeating and clearing cravings. MealEnders do not only work solely on your stomach. The lozenges focus on the mind and body.

How do they work?
The lozenge will keep your mind and mouth occupied after a meal (to replace dessert) or when you want to curb a craving. The lozenge is made up two layers. The first layer is the sweet layer. This is the “dessert” portion of the lozenge. The second part is a cooling/tingling hard layer. According the MealEnders, this layer clears the palate and lingers on the tongue after the lozenge is dissolved.

Borrowed From MealEnders Twitter Feed @mealenders


How did I use them?
I used them after meals when I felt like I needed to eat more but I didn’t want to overeat, and also on days that I felt like I couldn’t stay out of the kitchen. Working from home in a child care setting, I am ALWAYS in the kitchen and it’s hard for me to not graze all day long. On those days particular, I felt that the lozenges worked well. According the directions, you are not allowed to chew the lozenge. Allow the lozenge to dissolve completely. This step was hard for me because I am the type that likes to bit suckers, and hard candy. I can’t just let them dissolve! BUT I did it!

There are four flavors that are available from MealEnders. Each pack comes with 25 pieces. You can chose from the following flavors: Citrus, Mocca, Chocolate Mint, or Cinnamon. Prices start at one pouch for 14.95. You can also make a 30 day commitment for 34.95 or a 90 day commitment for 89.95 (SAVINGS of 45.00!!!) Plus if you subscribe to either the 30 day or 90 day commitment then you can save an additional 10%. Who doesn’t love a good savings?!

What are they made of?
Each flavor contains different ingredients – Head on over to MealEnders Ingredients page to check on the flavors that you would like to try.

My overall experience with MealEnders:
I have used them a handful of times throughout the days since my product came in the mail. I can defiantly tell a difference when I use them versus days I do not. The cravings are reduced on days that I use them and at 15 calories for 1, that in my mind is A LOT less then half a bag of chips, cookies, candy bars, etc!
I really enjoyed the citrus and the cinnamon. I am not a huge coffee fan so the Mocha was not one that I would pick and also the Chocolate Mint I let my husband try and he enjoyed that one since Chocolate Mint is a favorite flavor of his.

AND NOW for the FUN: MealEnders was gracious enough to allow me to giveaway a 4 pack (one pack of each flavor) to one of my lucky readers! (a $50.00 value) So if you want to win enter now! If you do not want to wait until the giveaway is over and you want to purchase your own at a 20% discount using the code FitHolidays20; Head on over to


How to Enter:
1. Follow me on Instagram – @beinspired_betrue (will check!)
2. Repost the pic below and tag me
3. Hashtag – #beinspiredgiveaway
4. Tweet About the Giveaway : “I just entered a @mealenders giveaway from @smltwngrl920 & you should too! #fitholidays #sweatpink
5. Don’t have twitter: Leave a blog comment about your thoughts on this product!

All things must be done to qualify and Winner will be chosen on December 21!!!!  Good Luck!




Disclaimer: I was given this product for free to review. The opinions are my own and not influenced my anyone, including the company.

Rejuvenate your floors

Are your floors dull? Do they lack the shine they once had? 

If you answered “YES!” to either one of those questions, I may have a solution for you!

I, like many others, had floors that looked amazing right after being mopped. The shine from the water made them look like new. I love that look! But after the water dried, the shine left.


I googled all natural ways to get laminate flooring a shine and nothing worked like I wanted it too. I went to different stores and searched for products that would work on laminate flooring; everything I found was for wood flooring.

Jackpot! While watching a commercial one evening, I seen a product called Rejuvenate. So that night I made a mental note to remember that product when I went to the store next.


Mental note — Forgot!

Finally just the other day, I was browsing aisles in a store and what did I come across? Rejuvenate! Ahhh! Yes! This is what I need to try. So I picked up a bottle. I used it and it has made a difference on my kitchen floor! I can’t wait to use it on the foyer floor also!

The picture below is one that I attempted to get a picture to show you the difference. I hope you are able to see it.


How do you use the product? 

Make sure your floors are clean and fully dried before using the Rejuvenate product. (I just used water only to wipe up the floor because I just mopped it 2 days prior) After the floor is completely dry, apply the product directly to the floor. Rejuvenate suggests doing it in a 4×4 square area. To apply the product to the floor, use a microfiber cloth and in a circular motion spread the product over the flooring. Let dry for 45 mins and check out the shine on your floor!

Where can you purchase the product?

You can visit the website:

You can also purchase at most local retailers!

Disclaimer: Products were purchased on my own and all opinions expressed are my own. This company has not influenced any opinion  expressed in this review. 


Review, Update, and More! Oh My!

So life happens. And some times it’s {I don’t know how I keep my sanity} CRAZY and sometimes it’s {I am waiting for something to fall apart} going through the days and wondering where they are going. Lately it’s been a little of both. I am still getting used to the actual diagnosis of having PCOS. It seems unreal. It hurts. It gives me reason to question.

I am currently on week three of taking Metformin. The Dr wanted me to start with one pill and then work my way up to 3. {1500mg} – The first week was okay, nothing really bad side effect wise. So I gave it a week and started my second pill. Side effects started. I felt nauseous, didn’t want to eat but was hungry, headache happened throughout the day and sleeping was not restful. By the time the week was up with only taking 2 pills, I was starting to feel better. I started my third pill on Wednesday and needless to say; I feel awful!

I have decided that taking one day at a time is the best route to go but I really need to get my food prep and clean eating in check. Ever since I received the official diagnosis I have fallen off the bandwagon due to emotional eating. It gets me every time. I have to start planning out my menus for the week and sticking to it. More Sunday meal planning needs to be done and motivation needs to be found.

How will I get motivation and planning back? Well, I am glad you asked! I was blessed with an opportunity to do a review for a fitbook. What is a fitbook you may ask? Let me be the one to give you all the details!


fitlosophy was founded by Angela Mader, who is a certified in personal trainings and fitness nutrition, holds an MBA. Someone who is all around pretty amazing! Anywho.. She created fitlosophy to inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles. The fitlosophy mantra is live life fit. {I LOVE it!}

When I my fitbook first arrived, I expected it to be full of blank pages where I would be filling in EVERY…SINGLE…DETAIL. Boy! Was I wrong. The fitbook is a very detailed 12 week planner for those who enjoy the paper and pencil tracking approach.

After you get passed the resources in the beginning of the fitbook, the first actual planning page is all about your measurements. There is a spot of a before and after measurements. I love the idea that you are only measuring twice. It helps to not focus on numbers; because c’mon we all know we do it. Numbers are our worst enemy when trying to lose weight and get fit.


Then you get into the nuts and bolts of the planner. The “game plan” area are all about the bigger goals you want to acheive. Then each week of the 12 week program is broken down into goals, menu planning, workout planning and rewards! YES! {just remember food is not a reward!


At the end of each week is a “Weekly Wrap Up” section. This is an area to reflect on the week as a whole. It also gives you the opportunity to journal, place inspiration and write about the good and bad parts of the week. I really enjoy this part because it let’s you focus take the focus off each day and make it about a whole week. The good and the bad!


I started using the fitbook before I started taking metformin and I really enjoyed being able to see my goals, and my game plan in front of me in a simple yet helpful way. As soon as the metaformin allows me to eat normally and feel good enough to work out, I will be continuing the fitbook.

Do you like the paper and pencil way of tracking food, and your progress? Are you looking for a new way to get your motivation back? Look no further! Check out and you can order your own fitbook and start out on your way to getting on track.

Good news for all my readers! fitbook has extended an amazing offer to all of you! Use ASHLEY15 to get 15% off your next order on!

Make sure you are following fitbook on all social media outlets and tell them Ashley sent you!

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to review this product for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any one including the company that the product came from.

Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator Review

I was privileged to be able to test and review  Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator as part of the Fuel You Better Campaign that was put on by Vega and also FitApproach. I am also hesitate but excited to try new things.



I have to say that I was very happy with how the Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator tasted. I have never tried the Vega brand before but I have to jump on this band wagon and say that I am a fan now and would love to try other Vega products. I am always struggling with getting enough water; even though that is the only thing I drink during the day – so I thought this would  be the perfect product to test on myself. I would hope that it would give me the ability to drink more water during the day and help stay hydrated. I was given the Berry flavor to test and it was very berry. The flavoring wasn’t over powering either which was one concern I had.

I love the fact that the packets are small enough that I could keep a few on my purse (aka Baby P’s bag) so even on the go I could have the option to make the best choices in hydration. Also, because the Vega products are plant based, the hydrator is also dairy, soy and gluten free. I also love the fact that the products contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners! BONUS!!  I really try to limit the artificial-ness (yes, I just made that word up!) I have during the day.


Now, lets talk about the facts…The Supplement Facts!


How do you stay hydrated during the day? 

Make sure you are following Vega and FitApproach:

Twitter: @FitApproach @VegaTeam
Instagram: @FitApproach @Vega_Team
Hashtags: #sweatpink #fuelyourbetter #vegasport 

Disclaimer: I am a SweatPink Ambassador and was given the opportunity to review this product for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any one including the company that the product came from.

J-Color Paint -N- Fly Glider Kit Review

I had the opportunity to review the J-Color Paint -N- Fly Glider Kit. After receiving the kit, I couldn’t wait to try them out with the daycare littles! My boys love airplanes, rockets, trains…Etc!


Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not very cooperative so it took awhile before I could introduce the gliders to the boys. As soon as Mother Nature gave us a good day we took advantage of it! I told the boys once we were outside, I had a surprise for them. When I showed the gliders to them they were so excited. I wish I could have captured their expressions with the camera but being it’s just me with the littles, I only have so many hands! 🙂
So after explaining the gliders to the boys, I let them have at it. Being the boys are only 3 and 4, it took them a few tries to get the hang of it but once they did, boy did they have so much fun!!



I asked them, after it was time to put the gliders away and head inside for lunch, if the gliders were fun and they all said “YES!!” The boys have renamed the gliders “air jets” and everytime we go outside, the first question is “Can we play with the air jets?”. Of course the answer is YES! 🙂



Now that I have told you about how much the boys loved playing with the gliders, let’s get into the details about the gliders.

The glider is 18 inches long with a height of 3.5 inches. Which makes it easy to hold by children of all ages.

The glider kit comes with:

  • instructions
  • paint
  • paint plate
  • glider parts

The instructions are not very detailed for assembly but they do not have to be. The illustrations are very helpful and the gliders go together in just 3 easy steps. The gliders are made with a flexible EPO foam with helps in the durability of the gliders. At first I was nervous about the gliders crashing onto the cement because I did not want them to get ruined the first time we played with them. I can honestly say after many “crashes” (and we all know how rough boys can be sometimes), the gliders still look brand new!

Because of the weather and how the boys schedules worked out, I did not have them paint them before flying. (The instructions say to allow for a full 24 hours before flying after painting). I did, however, paint the glider myself and then the boys fly it the next time we went outside. WE did not repaint the glider yet, but the glider was soaked in water for 2 hours and I found the paint peeled right off! Such an awesome idea!!!!

The gliders can be bought via online, individually or in packages up to 36 depending on the model you pick. This is a great idea for daycare centers, birthday parties or family gatherings.

Find them Online

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Watch them on Youtube


Disclaimer: I was given this kit to review for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by anyone including the company I am doing a review for.


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Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Review

About a month ago we experienced our first case of a really bad diaper rash. #teethingproblems Every diaper change became a battle and Baby P would just cry. It truly broke my heart. I started using a pretty common name brand extra strength diaper rash cream but it did not seem to be working. In all honestly, it seemed to be making the diaper rash worse. I had to do something to relieve the pain from my Princess, so off to the store I go.

There weren’t very many choices but after reading the ingredients of most of the different types of diaper cream and I finally decided on the one that had the least amount of ingredients in the product. This happened to be Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. I never tried this one, nor did I have any experience with the product and my daycare children. I thought, “What’s the worse that could happen? This doesn’t work and we end up back at the store”.


After using the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for 24 hours Baby P’s diaper rash went from being “elmo red” to almost completely gone! I was so impressed with the product, I will never use anything else!!! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has children in diapers or anyone who works with children in diapers.

Now that I have told you about how much I enjoy the product, lets talk more about the specifics of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. (I bought the maximum strength).

  • zinc oxide (40%)
  • castor oil
  • mineral oil
  • parrafin
  • peruvian balsam

The scent is pleasant. It is not a very strong scent and does not smell like a “medicine”. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is a light tan color that wipes off nicely. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste comes in three different kinds. There is (1) The Original, (2) the All Natural and also (3) the Maximum Strength. I have personally only seen the Original and Max. Strength around my area but if I ever run into the All Natural I will definitely be picking some up. The Butt Paste comes in a 2 oz and also a 4 oz tube. Prices will vary depending on location and also by store but in order to give you an idea; around my area prices range from $4.50 – $8.00. (depending on the product and size) I compared prices with some of the other diaper rash creams and they were very comparable. I am firm believer that you only get what you pay for and for results like the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste provides and the relief it gives Baby P, the extra money is worth it!

On a star rating of 0-5 I would give Boudreaux’s Butt Paste a very solid 4. I am the type of person that stands behind a product that I believe in 100% and this product is no exception!!!

You can visit Boudreaux’s Butt Paste site:


Disclaimer: I bought this product myself. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by anyone including the company I am doing a review for.

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