Today Is My Monday

Today is it. It’s time to get rid of ALL the excuses. It’s time to make shit happen! I have made out a eating plan and also a workout plan. It’s time to get real.

Life has been crazy since my last post. (Update post will be live soon) I need someone to hold me accountable. If you are on Instagram – follow me. (beinspired_betrue) I am going to start posting meals (once a day), fit bit stats daily and workouts!

I have to do something. I am tired of not feeling great about myself. I am also tired of being tired all the time. This could attribute to my possible thyroid issue. (more on that after April 13) But I know that when I change my habits, I will start to feel better. I know that I need to do this. I just get bored  and then the motivation leaves. If I could get my brain to realize I won’t see change over night. I didn’t get this way over night!


So here’s to today!




Stay Motivated and Accountable with #FFCHECKIN!


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Check out more information from Fitfluential below. Baby P is awake and this momma needs to go.
Let’s DO THIS!!!

Stay Motivated and Accountable with #FFCHECKIN!.