New Adventures

You have probably noticed that I have been a little MIA lately. A new adventure has begun in my life. I have become an Independent Consultant for Ava Anderson.

If you are like me, before I had a friend become a Consultant, I had ever heard of the company. Let me give you a little background on it.

At the age of 14 Ava Anderson realized that many personal care products contain hazardous and toxic chemicals. In 2009, Ava Anderson Non Toxic was born with 6 skin care products and in just 7 years there are now 17 different categories of non toxic products!

The Mission at Ava Anderson is “to educate consumers about current health risks in personal care and home products and provide non toxic alternatives and in doing so, build meaningful businesses with many Consultants”

So, let me tell you about why I became involved in Ava Anderson. The process started before I became pregnant with Princess. I started the healthy lifestyle transition. I wanted to make myself the best I could be to be able to provide a healthy home for Princess to nest for 9 months in. After she was born, I have felt it is my job to keep her as healthy as I can, not only in food choices but also in every day life choices. I have done my best, I thought, to show her how to live a healthy lifestyle. The reason I say I thought was because I never even considered all the toxics that we come across in every day life!

I made the decision to become an Independent Consultant was because I want to reduce the toxics in everyday life. I want to share my passion with others and educate them in ingredients to avoid.

Independent Consultant - Green

Are you someone who would like to learn more about the products or ingredients to avoid? I would love to be able to share with you the knowledge that I have for the products with you or anyone you know. Comment below. Find me on Instagram. Find me on Twitter. Find me on Facebook.


Did you know… A woman is exposed to 168 chemicals, on average, before she leaves the house in the morning. Think soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, cosmetics..etc (Source: EWG)



Update in Pictures

Wow! One holiday is over and the other is just around the corner..literally! It has been a busy Thanksgiving. I took closed the child care program on Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) and reopened on Tuesday (after Thanksgiving).

On Wednesday, Baby P and I ran some errands and then spent the afternoon making cupcakes for our Thanksgiving family festivities. Thank you Pinterest!


On Thursday morning, I was at Meijer by 3:30AM in order to get in line for the sale. I love the #BlackFriday shopping excursions. Hubby stayed home with Baby P and they slept in. I was out of Meijer by 6:30am (after standing in line until 6:00AM for the Fitbit Charge HR (and a few other things). I also went to Rural King and was back home for good by 7:45AM.

After returning home, I was able to get a nap in before we went to my inlaws for dinner. After dinner, we sat around for awhile, watched some football, and then it was time to head back out. By 5pm, Hubby and I were standing in line at Kohls. After Kohls, we went to Target, and Old Navy. Crowds were surprisingly low this year. (Hubby was thankful for that!) We were completely done by 7:50pm.

Friday morning, we were back at it by 6am at Sams Club. This day took a little longer because we went to more stores and also stopped for breakfast. When we finished shopping, other then a few miscellaneous items, everyone is done! We have 95% finished our Christmas shopping before December 1!!!!


So, tell me…
Did you go Black Friday shopping? Have you started Christmas shopping yet?


Review, Update, and More! Oh My!

So life happens. And some times it’s {I don’t know how I keep my sanity} CRAZY and sometimes it’s {I am waiting for something to fall apart} going through the days and wondering where they are going. Lately it’s been a little of both. I am still getting used to the actual diagnosis of having PCOS. It seems unreal. It hurts. It gives me reason to question.

I am currently on week three of taking Metformin. The Dr wanted me to start with one pill and then work my way up to 3. {1500mg} – The first week was okay, nothing really bad side effect wise. So I gave it a week and started my second pill. Side effects started. I felt nauseous, didn’t want to eat but was hungry, headache happened throughout the day and sleeping was not restful. By the time the week was up with only taking 2 pills, I was starting to feel better. I started my third pill on Wednesday and needless to say; I feel awful!

I have decided that taking one day at a time is the best route to go but I really need to get my food prep and clean eating in check. Ever since I received the official diagnosis I have fallen off the bandwagon due to emotional eating. It gets me every time. I have to start planning out my menus for the week and sticking to it. More Sunday meal planning needs to be done and motivation needs to be found.

How will I get motivation and planning back? Well, I am glad you asked! I was blessed with an opportunity to do a review for a fitbook. What is a fitbook you may ask? Let me be the one to give you all the details!


fitlosophy was founded by Angela Mader, who is a certified in personal trainings and fitness nutrition, holds an MBA. Someone who is all around pretty amazing! Anywho.. She created fitlosophy to inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles. The fitlosophy mantra is live life fit. {I LOVE it!}

When I my fitbook first arrived, I expected it to be full of blank pages where I would be filling in EVERY…SINGLE…DETAIL. Boy! Was I wrong. The fitbook is a very detailed 12 week planner for those who enjoy the paper and pencil tracking approach.

After you get passed the resources in the beginning of the fitbook, the first actual planning page is all about your measurements. There is a spot of a before and after measurements. I love the idea that you are only measuring twice. It helps to not focus on numbers; because c’mon we all know we do it. Numbers are our worst enemy when trying to lose weight and get fit.


Then you get into the nuts and bolts of the planner. The “game plan” area are all about the bigger goals you want to acheive. Then each week of the 12 week program is broken down into goals, menu planning, workout planning and rewards! YES! {just remember food is not a reward!


At the end of each week is a “Weekly Wrap Up” section. This is an area to reflect on the week as a whole. It also gives you the opportunity to journal, place inspiration and write about the good and bad parts of the week. I really enjoy this part because it let’s you focus take the focus off each day and make it about a whole week. The good and the bad!


I started using the fitbook before I started taking metformin and I really enjoyed being able to see my goals, and my game plan in front of me in a simple yet helpful way. As soon as the metaformin allows me to eat normally and feel good enough to work out, I will be continuing the fitbook.

Do you like the paper and pencil way of tracking food, and your progress? Are you looking for a new way to get your motivation back? Look no further! Check out and you can order your own fitbook and start out on your way to getting on track.

Good news for all my readers! fitbook has extended an amazing offer to all of you! Use ASHLEY15 to get 15% off your next order on!

Make sure you are following fitbook on all social media outlets and tell them Ashley sent you!

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to review this product for free. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any one including the company that the product came from.

Updates and Check In’s

I’m writing this post early because I know this weekend I won’t get the chance to sit down. It is going to be one busy weekend and being that Old Man Winter is severely pissed off…it’s going to be a weekend to remember!

First, let’s check in and see how the goals for 2014 are going.   So far I am 18 miles into my 700 miles goal. Not bad…Not bad. Baby steps eventually lead to giant leaps and I will take my time to make it there so that I do not fail. My water intake has been right now. I am consciously making sure that I am using a larger cup during the day. If I need to play mind games with myself…then mind games it is. I can’t say that my getting to the gym has been all success. Actually it’s been a fail so far….I have to put some of the blame on Old Man Winter because when my town is on a level 2 and 3 snow emergency, I can’t say that getting to the gym is the safest route. I have been doing some not so routine cardio at home so I’m not just sitting around. I have been using the stairs in my house as cardio during the day and also my improv cardio the other day was hauling wood into the garage via a wheelbarrow and carrying it down to the basement.

How have you been moving in 2014?

Now for the update part. Baby P will be 7 months old on Saturday. 7 months ago I gave birth to an amazing princess who makes my rough days better and my good days great. We have had our ups and downs lately with her reflux but I think we have finally got that under control….for now. She is finally able to eat, and keep down solids. We just went to her 6 month well baby check up and she is 13 lbs 7.5 oz and 26 in long. She is a petite princess!! Dr said because she is finally able to keep her solids down and she is meeting every other milestone, she isn’t to worried right now about her weight.
I still can’t believe that she is 7 months already. Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. She is doing some serious rolling to get around and spinning on her belly. She is sitting with minimal support and everyday there is something new that she does.