My HSG Experience

Last Thursday evening I went for my first HSG test after officially being diagnosed with PCOS last year. I know that this can be a scary, and nervous time for anyone so I would like to share my experience; in hopes that I can calm your nervous before you have the procedure done.

HSG Test

After scheduling the test, I did what every other one of you reading this post did…I went to the all mighty Mr. Google. I wanted to find out about the test. I wanted to know the pain associated with the test. I wanted to be prepared! BAD MOVE! Step Away from Mr. G…Walk Away…FAST! (but finish reading this post! HA!)

I read many different experiences from people who not only had one test done, but multiples. I totally had myself in a panic.I was worried about the pain associated with it because let’s be real – My pain tolerance is not the highest. As the day went on the more nervous I became. I tried to keep myself busy during the day but my mind kept wondering back to “is this something I should be doing?”

Welp, the time came and I checked into the facility. Waited about 30 mins before getting called back. {Hello Nerves..We Meet Again!} Finally, my name was called and the time has come. There was no looking back now.

They gave me one of those o’so fashionable hospital gowns and taken back into the x-ray room. The doctor explained how the procedure would go. She then asked if I had any other questions. And it’s go time….Time for the test to begin!

Deep Breaths – Relax – Breathe 

The test began like any normal pap test. The catheter like tool was then inserted in order to put the dye in. A little pressure at this point but nothing more. Dye began and I watched on the screen as it entered my left tube. SCORE! It’s open! Doctor then wanted me to roll onto my right side. – nothing yet. Let’s roll a little more… Yep. still nothing. The doctor decided that the right side was blocked and the test was done.

I am able to sit up now and the doctor then went over the results with me. She said that my official doctor would get the results and proceed with the next step. She gave me some ideas of what the next steps could be but because she isn’t my official doctor, she could not actually tell me for sure which route we would take.

On a scale of 1-10 — I can’t even rank the pain. It was just like a normal pap with the uncomfortable feelings with a little pressure. I know that everyone’s pain tolerance is different but this is my experience and I hope that I am able to put at least one person’s mind at ease before experiencing the test.

So tell me.. 
Have you had the HSG test done?  Share your experience! 


6 thoughts on “My HSG Experience

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience and I wish I’d read something like this before I had mine done! I’ve had one HSG and like you, was so ridiculously nervous ahead of time that I think my anxiety was a zillion times worse than the test itself. I was fortunate to have a lady doctor and lady nurse, both of whom had had the test themselves and they assured me it wasn’t bad. For me, it was maybe a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1-10 because of the crampy, icky feeling of having something inserted through my cervix. But that was the worst part for me, and even that, not so bad. Good luck with your next steps!

  2. I had this done years back and it hurt more than anything else in the world. I still cringe thinking of it. I am glad yours was pretty painless…I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone!

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